Please read all the information before filling out the form!

Combined SIGs have two options for session length.

  • Two 90-minute time slots. These blocks will not be contiguous. Please refer to the PAS 2025 Schedule- At-A-Glance to see programming block times.
  • One 90-minute time slot

Important Dates:

  • Aug. 1 - Sept. 18: Call for SIGs
  • Sept. 26 - Oct. 14: Review and Selection
  • Oct. 23 - Oct. 25: Notification sent by Email

This information will be sent to PAS on July 22nd. If your SIG needs more time to decide on having a combined SIG session please email by 5pm ET on July 22, 2024.

Any SIG that does not fill out this form or notify the APA of needing more time to decide will forgo their opportunity to host a combined SIG session at PAS 2025.