What is the Under-represented in Medicine (UIM) Mentoring Program?

With this program we aim to provide focused mentorship to UIM pediatric faculty whose career focus is in education. Requests are monitored on an ongoing basis and mentors paired accordingly.

NADEP members will offer a spectrum of mentorship:

  • One time (focused consultation)
  • Short term (up to 3 meetings)
  • Longer term (to be negotiated between mentee/mentor)


  • Project based (development of teaching or learner assessment materials/tools; curricula; educational research project)
  • Educational scholarship (general)
  • Career development as an educator/educational leadership and administration
  • Promotion/Tenure
  • Sponsorship to engage in external educational professional organizations/professional development activities

The mentees we are aiming to reach should identify as:

  • UIM (from an under-represented in medicine background) pediatric faculty
  • Focused on medical (health professions) education in pediatrics

To participate, potential mentees should complete the form below to be matched with a mentor.