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The Continuity Research Network (CORNET) is a national, practice-based research network composed of pediatric residency continuity practices.


CORNET's mission is to advance children's health by partnering with key stakeholders through rigorous research in primary care, health care delivery, improvement science, and medical education, through an established, self-sustaining, collaborative, research network among pediatric continuity clinicians. Findings will be disseminated in order to improve the health care of underserved populations and the training of future pediatricians.


CORNET's research is focused on the pediatric continuity practice setting. The research goals are:

  1. To study health, healthcare, and disparities among children and families, particularly those most vulnerable and at risk.
  2. To study and improve resident education in pediatric continuity practices.
  3. To engage residents in pediatric primary care research.

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If you have questions about CORNET, would like to join, or have a study proposal, please email

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