APA Regions facilitate local and regional engagement for members of the APA. Regions are crucial gateways for expanding the supports and services of the APA to new members

Get to know our Special Interest Groups.

Group Care

The Group Care SIG promotes shared medical appointments to meet the quadruple aim of better…

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Academic Fellows

SIG purpose/mission: To provide ongoing mentoring, guidance, support, and encouragement to all academic fellows, as…

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Advocacy Training

SIG purpose/mission: The Advocacy Training SIG supports community outreach, health promotion, and health policy activity…

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We are committed to promoting research both among those with established careers as well as among those in training.

The BORN Network mission is to improve the health of newborns and their families by establishing an evidence base for optimal outcomes.

CORNET is a national, practice-based research network composed of pediatric residency continuity practices.

The mission of PRIS is to improve the health of and healthcare delivery to hospitalized children and their families.

The APA Community is a members-only email discussion and networking platform designed for interactive discussions and resource sharing with your academician colleagues.

Through APA’s Community, you can:

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