Catalyst is a free online program that offers insights and tools to those seeking to enhance their research skills and professional development through engagement with the APA.

Supported by the APA Research Executive Committee (REC) and the Academic General Pediatric Accreditation Committee (AGPAC),, Catalyst offers monthly webinars presented by APA leaders who will share about their career paths, what has helped them most along the way, and their connection to the APA.

Check out the 2021-2022 Schedule:

How the APA Can Help with Promotion and Leadership
Presented by Susan Bostwick, MD, MBA
Date/Time: July 30, 2021 at 11am ET
APA Catalyst Leadership Planning Worksheet

How to Be a Mentor and How to Find One
Presented by Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, MD, MPH
Date/Time: August 2021

Grant Writing
Presented by Rachel Gross, MD, MS & Todd Florin, MD, MSCE
Date/Time: September 2021

How to Review an Abstract and Contribute to a Study Section
Presented by TBA
Date/Time: October 2021

15 Pearls for Manuscript Writing and Getting Your Manuscript Accepted
Presented by Eliana Perrin, MD, MPH
Date/Time: November 2021

The Journal Editor Perspective
Presented by TBA
Date/Time: December 2021

What to do with a Rejected Abstract?
Presented by TBA
Date/Time: February 2022

Networking and Getting Known
Presented by TBA
Date/Time: March 2022

Job Search and Negotiation
Presented by Matthew Di Guglielmo, MD, PhD
Date/Time: April 2022

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
Presented by TBA
Date/Time: May 2022