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Advocacy Training

By YokoCo | September 6, 2019

SIG purpose/mission: The Advocacy Training SIG supports community outreach, health promotion, and health policy activity as an integral part of medical training and ongoing career advocacy for social change. To support the development of pediatricians who can identify the needs of their communities and use their skills to partner with the community for improved pediatric…

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Teaching in Community Settings

By YokoCo | September 3, 2019

The Teaching in Community Settings SIG is an environment for all clinicians who teach outside the traditional academic setting to share common challenges, generate discussion regarding opportunities for improvement, and to network with like-minded community-based teachers. We welcome educators from inpatient, nursery, and outpatient pediatrics. Over the summer, we held an Innovations Contest where participants…

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Simulation-based Medical Education (SBME)

By YokoCo | September 3, 2019

The Simulation Based Medical Education (SBME) SIG will be discussing simulation funding and publication at our PAS meeting. We are seeking 1 additional speaker with experience getting funding for simulation research or experience with simulation focused publications/journals. We also invite anyone who submits a relevant abstract to PAS to check “SBME” as a potential poster…

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Medical Student Education

By YokoCo | August 28, 2019

Purpose and Mission The Medical Student Education SIG will still be dedicated to being a home for all people who are interested in medical student education. It will disseminate information for faculty development and career development of members. It will partner with other SIGs or other organizations to enhance the approach to education and training.…

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E-Learning in Medical Education

By YokoCo | August 27, 2019

SIG Description E-Learning is defined as any type of learning that is enabled or delivered to learners by Internets and Intranets or other types of computer networks. In recent years e-Learning environments have begun to incorporate web technology platforms to provide a simple and time flexible instructional delivery mode. The transition to online distance learning…

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