Deborah T. Rana, MD, MS

Deborah T. Rana, MD received her MD-MS through the UC San Francisco-UC Berkeley Joint Medical Program at the University of California in San Francisco. She first earned a Distinguished Teaching award for Medical Student Teaching at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons where she completed residency and had her debut as faculty. She went on to pursue a fellowship in Medical Education at the University of Massachusetts and became an APA Educational Scholar. She currently serves as an associate professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine where she has focused on faculty development and medical student education across all 4 years while continuing to serve a medically underserved population, a commitment she has been able to honor throughout her career.

Dr. Rana’s research interests have focused on case-based learning in medical student education, faculty development in wellness and leadership, compassionate care of medically underserved populations, and addressing EDI principles in patient care and education. She currently serves as Co-chair of the EDI working group on organizational climate through APPD-LEARN, the COMSEP DEI Resource and Advisory Committee, and a mentor for the Student National Medical Association mentorship program for UiM medical students.

Dr. Rana continues to contribute to work groups and lead workshops to promote resilience and well-being throughout the continuum of Medical Education. She does this through leadership roles at the APA and COMSEP where she has served as Co-Chair on national committees such as the COMSEP Professional and Faculty Development Task Force, Annual Meeting Committee and Wellness Collaborative, and the APA Faculty Development SIG, among others. Central to Dr. Rana’s mission as a medical educator, is to uplift the voices of diverse learners as they embark on their paths through medicine.