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Are you a pediatric trainee interested in pursuing a career in global health?
Are you a global health educator/program director looking for accreditation or tools to enhance your global health fellowship program?

Pediatric Global Health Fellowship Educators Group

3rd Annual PAS Meeting “Building the Field of Pediatric Global Health”
Thursday May 2, 2024: 9:30-11:30 AM

In-person: Fairmont Royal York, 100 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3, Canada OR
Online: (Virtual Link)
Attendance both in-person and online is free RSVP by April 26, 2024, to join in person or online
Agenda: See Below
Learn more: Strengthening-Pediatric-GH-Fellowships
Questions: Marissa Olson olsonmk@chop.edu

Mission Statement of the GH Fellowship Educators Group:

To advance the ethical and equitable practice of global child health by identifying standards for pediatric global health fellowships, providing guidance to training programs, and establishing a collaborative network of fellowship programs engaged in global child health.

Vision Statement of the GH Fellowship Educators Group:

To improve the wellbeing of vulnerable children, irrespective of where they were born or live, we will equip future pediatric GH leaders clinically and in scholarship, education, and advocacy with the fundamental skills to succeed in disciplines spanning from academia to policy and programming.

Meeting Objectives

  1. To convene – bring GH fellowship educators, current and future GH fellows and partners from LMIC/low-resource settings together to network, learn from one another, and seek ways to collaborate and advance the field.
  2. To discover – what partners from LMIC/low-resource settings are looking for in a GH fellow.
  3. To learn – how to professionalize a career in GH.
  4. To update – with progress to accredit Pediatric Global Health (PGH) fellowships.

Scope, Logistics & Venue

Scope – Meeting is open to anyone. Content will be of particular interest to current and future GH fellows and to GH fellowship educators, such as pediatricians and other GH colleagues currently leading or thinking about starting a pediatric GH fellowship.

Meeting logistics – Attendance is free. All in-person attendees please bring your laptop/device so that we can each sign in to enable an effective hybrid meeting.

Please RSVP Here

Venue – In-person at Fairmont Royal York, 100 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3, Canada and online via Teams. This is the Teams link for the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

*= online attendee

9:30 AM: Welcome & Meeting Objectives: Heather Crouse

9:35 AM: Moment of inspiration: Steve Ludwig

9:40-10:30 AM: Panel discussion – GH Partner Perspectives “What we are looking for in a GH fellow who works with us as a clinician, educator, researcher, and/or advocate.”

Moderators: Current GH Fellow – Kajsa Vlasic & Graduated GH Fellow/Faculty Member – Maria Dunn

  • Partner perspectives – each panelist shares their perspective (21 mins – 7 min each)
    • Tisu Mvalo* (Pediatric Director, UNC-Malawi Project; Research Assoc. Professor, UNC)
    • Mina Halpern*, MPH (Executive Director, Clinica de Familia, Dominican Republic)
    • Zak Patel (Lecturer, Department of Pediatric & Adolescent Health, Univ. of Botswana)
  • Moderated discussion (10 min)
  • Q & A from audience (15 min)

10:30 – 11:20 AM: Workshop “Zooming Out – Professionalizing Your Global Health Career”

Moderators: Two Fellows – Yasmine Koukaz & Mac Segars* and a Faculty Member, Jeff Robison

  • Scope: a panel about what it means to do GH as a career. Specifically to have GH as a main or the major focus of one’s faculty appointment and then promotion from assistant through to full professor.
    • Each faculty member summarizes their career path highlighting how to make GH a focus of a job search, approaches to negotiating protected time for GH, highlighting GH in faculty appointment and/or promotion/s, how to seek & be awarded GH funding
    • Include logistics that fellows may not yet be considering e.g. paying back student loans, raising a family, partner career, etc.
  • Speakers (25 mins – 5 min each)
    • Maneesh Batra*, Professor of Pediatrics, Seattle Children’s (program development & leader)
    • Keri Cohn, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, CHOP (med ed focus)
    • Kate Westmoreland*, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, UNC (research focus)
    • Shaun Morris, Associate Professor, Sick Kids (research and GH center leader)
    • Sabrina Butteris*, Professor, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, Vice-Chair of Clinical Affairs & Division Chief Global Pediatrics (GH leadership)
  • • Q & A from audience (20 min)
  • • Wrap up: moderators (5 min) *= online attendee

11:20 – 11:30 AM: Business Meeting (APA’s Global Health-Pediatric Accreditation Committee “GH-PAC” and anyone who would like to join to hear more) – 10 min

Moderator: Andrew Steenhoff

  • Accreditation of Pediatric GH Fellowships – Michelle Eckerle
    • Current status: No. programs accredited, being assessed, etc.
    • Where can I learn about accrediting my GH Fellowship?
    • Brief overview of the process of accreditation
  • Review executive committee members, timelines & transitions – Andrew Steenhoff
  • Virtual large group ~1 hour update meeting in 6 months
  • In-person again at PAS 2025: See you in Hawaii!
  • Q & A

Following the GH Fellowship Educators meeting, please consider joining the excellent APA Pediatric Academic Generalist & Hospital Medicine Fellows Meeting at 1 PM.

The 1 PM meeting is open to residents, fellows, and faculty; is in-person in the same venue. Register here: www.academicpeds.org/events/fellows-meeting/