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2007 brochure & meeting folder | Presentations & workshop materials | Outcome of the conference: article by Dr. Tina Cheng, Chair Program Committee | Conference surveys and results | Picture gallery | Next steps
2007 National Leadership Conference
Outcome of the National Leadership Conference. 
  1. Newsletter article by Dr. Tina Cheng, Chair Program Committee: to follow upon release
  2. Roundtable Breakfast, March 2, 2007: to follow

    1. What do you think are the major strengths and weaknesses of AGP as a discipline within pediatrics?
    Benard Dreyer, David Keller

    2. What steps do you think need to be taken to strengthen the field of AGP?
    Paul Darden, Peter Szilagyi

    3. What role do you think the APA should play to strengthen the field of AGP?
    Tina Cheng, Ruth Stein

    4. How can the activities of division directors and future leaders in
    AGP be strengthened?
    Susan Bostwick, Tom DeWitt, Clai Dungy

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