Practice Management Workshop Sessions

Session Objective and Discription

Advanced Business Practices for Pediatric Hospitalists
Jack Percelay and Jeff Gill

Advanced business practices will be introduced from quantitative and qualitative viewpoints. Three diff erent quantitative models for demonstrating return on investment of pediatric hospitalist programs will be presented: 1) hospitalists cumulative contribution to increased physician revenue and hospital revenue to the various components of "the system," 2) impact on throughput through increased bed availability, and 3) time value of non-revenue generating activities such as administrative, quality, safety, educational etc. A basic review of marketing theory and practical applications for your Pediatric Hospitalist program will be presented: "Wants vs. Gets," Diff erentiation, and basic market research methods. A discussion of a key underlying principle in negotiation will also be presented: Positions vs. Interests.

Billing and Coding for Pediatric Hospitalists "Show me the Money"
Yong S. Han and Steve Whitney

During this interactive session, basic concepts of coding and billing guidelines that are applicable for the practice of Pediatric Hospital Medicine will be reviewed. Some of the topics to be discussed will include information on how to choose the appropriate level of care, utilization of time in choosing the level of care, coding for procedures etc…. Additionally, some strategies to optimize the appropriate selection of codes will be provided. Ample time will be available for discussions.

Questions can be submitted prior to the session and these will be discussed as time permits.Send your questions to

Early Career Tips and Tools
Daniel Rauch, Mary Ottolini and Jeff Sperring

This session is for young hospitalists looking to make a career out of Pediatric Hospital Medicine. The three presenters will discuss what to look for in a job and how to get ahead, academically and clinically. We will talk about the core competencies and how to utilize them as a self assessment. Attendees are encouraged to come with questions.

Starting and Maintaining a Pediatric Hospitalist Program
Paul D. Hain and Kris Rehm

This session will address the following areas of directing a Pediatric Hospitalist Program:

  • How to make the case that your hospital needs a Pediatric Hospitalist Program
    • Consideration of fi nancials
    • The Quality Case
    • The Safety Case
    • The Service Case
    • The Education Case
  • Steps to take to actually start a program
    • Securing relationships with the hospital
    • Recruiting physicians
    • Determining workload
    • Building a referral database
    • Making the program indispensible
  • How to maintain and grow a program
    • Serving your referral base while demonstrating indispensability to the hospital
    • Doing jobs nobody else does
    • Expanding services
    • Expanding referral base
    • Academic promotion and satisfaction

Paul D. Hain

This session will cover the throughput challenges facing pediatric hospitals today. Emphasis will be given to the following areas:

  • Why throughput is important
    • To Hospital CEOs
    • To the bottom line
    • To future construction plans
    • To Hospitalists who are trying to get their patients beds quickly
  • Approaches to improving throughput
    • Theory of Constraints
    • Queuing Theory
    • Statistical Process Control/LEAN/Six Sigma
  • Real world example: Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt
    • Access Center development
    • Hospitalist reductions in length of stay
    • Innovative increases in short term capacity
    • Planning for long term expansions




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