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Table of Contents

  2. Module 1
  3. Module 2
  4. Module 3
  5. Module 4


This series of QI education modules is designed to help clinicians enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their Quality Improvement (QI) projects. Quality improvement projects take organization, collaboration, and psychological insight. They are gradually transforming healthcare in large and small institutions. The educational sessions we offer here are designed to help the QI novice learn the essential concepts and feel confident enough to launch a meaningful project. The examples used throughout the series relate to adolescent immunization for several reasons including the almost universal need for improvement and the importance of the outcome (protection from infection).

We hope that these modules help to change your way of viewing every day clinical and educational efforts and to improve the questions you ask.


This work is supported by grant 1U66IP000673 from the CDC to the Academic Pediatric Association and in-kind contributions from Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.