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Annual Report

Co-chairs: Barbara Bayldon MD, Northwestern University, H. Shonna Yin MD MS New York University

SIG purpose/mission: SIG's mission is to advance health literacy in the healthcare system and reduce the health literacy burden that children and their families experience in order to improve pediatric outcomes.

Current SIG goals:

  1. To partner with other organizations (AAP, AMA, CDC, IOM, NIH) to include a pediatric HL perspective in the National Health Policy Agenda and other future policy statements and to help develop and promote the dissemination of Clear Child Health Information
  2. To provide Training for Child Health Providers in evidence-based techniques for clear communication
  3. To develop and promote a Research Agenda for HL in the context of child health

Annual summary: Last year has been one of significant activity

  1. During the year, our SIG group nearly completed its work on the APA SIG Small Grant HPV Vaccination Award, "A Health Literacy Initiative to Improve Provider-Parent HPV Vaccine Communication" (Co-PI's: Rosy Chaabra, PsyD, H. Shonna Yin, MD, MS; co-I's Barbara Bayldon, MD, Iman Sharif, MD, MPH, MS, Deena Chisolm, PhD, Maheen Quadri-Sheriff, MD, MS), which we received last year.
  2. Two groups of SIG members have been working to create a health literacy curriculum based on the two workshops we sponsored at PAS last year, with the goal of submitting these to MedEdPORTAL in the fall
  3. Our HL SIG PAS session this year featured the talk, "Becoming a Health Literate Organization: A Journey with Urgency", presented by Laura Noonan, MD of the Carolinas Health System in North Carolina. We then broke out into 3 groups, focused on education, research and policy

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July 2016 Newsletter Article

We hope everyone enjoyed PAS 2016 as much as we did!  The Health Literacy SIG has enjoyed a productive past year culminating in a stimulating interactive session.

Over the past year, members of our SIG have been working on creating education modules focused on health literacy training as well as collaborating on a grant we received from the APA.

SIG members have been working on creating curriculum based on the content of each of the two workshops we presented at PAS 2015, one focused on promoting the adoption of health literacy concepts in practice and research, "Health Literacy from ‘Bench’ to Bedside: Verbal, Written, and Technological Tools for Clear Communication in Clinical Practice and Research" and the other focusing on health literacy education across the continuum of medical learners, "Doctors are From Mars, Patients are From Venus."

Another group of SIG members have nearly completed work on a grant from the APA, funded by the CDC, to address low HPV immunization rates in teens using a health literacy perspective.  We completed an environmental scan of current existing patient education handouts, assessing their health literacy attributes (e.g. readability, suitability) and their content.  We also held focus groups with physicians at 3 of the collaborating sites to explore their perceptions of barriers to HPV vaccination and potential strategies to address these barriers.  Finally, we held structured interviews with 25 parents across each of the 3 sites to receive their input on the adequacy, appropriateness and understandability of 4 top rated handouts identified as part of the environmental scan.

Our SIG session at PAS this year reflected our SIG’s goals of promoting research, education and policies to advance the integration of health literacy into health care delivery systems. The talk, "Becoming a Health Literate Organization: A Journey with Urgency", presented by Laura Noonan, MD, of the Carolinas Health System in North Carolina, demonstrated to all of us, the great work that system has been doing and the promising approach of using quality improvement science to incorporate health literacy into an institution as a way to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

In the second half of the SIG session, we broke into 3 groups - education, research and policy - and focused on developing our pediatric priorities for the future of health literacy research, education and advocacy.  These priorities were shared with the National Institute of Engineering, Science and Medicine (formerly the IOM) who held a strategic meeting in May to set their priorities for the coming 5 years. The education group also worked on the curriculum we are preparing based on the health literacy education workshop.

As we look towards the coming year, the co-chairs, Shonna Yin and Barbara Bayldon, will be holding an election this summer to replace Lee Sanders, one of the original two co-chairs, who is stepping down.  We hope to submit our two modules to the MedEdPORTAL, a peer reviewed site, by the fall of this year, to continue to foster collaborative research and mentorship of younger investigators, and possibly extend our current APA/CDC grant for a second phase to address teen barriers to receipt of the HPV vaccine.

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Barbara Bayldon, MD
22 % E Chicago Ave
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Hsiang Yin, MD
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