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November 16, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

What Does Critical Race Theory Have to Do with Qualitative Research? Part 1

Please join us for an exciting virtual Journal Club.  We are fortunate to have renowned medical education researcher Dr. Janice Hanson lead this webinar in which she discusses her in-press qualitative study, “Racial/ethnic disparities in clerkship grading: Perspectives of students and teachers,” Academic Medicine, November 2022 RIME Supplement (See attachment). This will be the 1st of a 2-part series led by Dr. Hanson. Part 2 will be in January 2023

Dr. Hanson is a Professor of Medicine, the Director of Education Scholarship Development and the Co-Director of the Medical Education Research Unit at Washington University School of Medicine.

This interactive journal club discussion will start with a short presentation of the methods section of a recently published RIME Research Paper, Racial/ethnic disparities in clerkship grading: Perspectives of students and teachers. This study incorporates critical race theory as a conceptual framework to guide data collection and analysis. After the presentation of the methods in this study, we’ll discuss conceptual frameworks in qualitative research, beginning with these questions:

What is the difference between a conceptual framework and a philosophical framework?

How does the researcher’s view of knowledge (epistemology) affect qualitative research?

How can a researcher find a conceptual framework that can guide a qualitative research study?

How does a conceptual framework influence what the researchers learn in a qualitative study?

What do conceptual and philosophical frameworks have to do with reflexivity?

What questions do you have about conceptual frameworks in qualitative research?