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August 17, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Join us in exploring the potential of latest technologies of extended reality using mixed and virtual reality for anatomy education. Hear directly from the experts themselves from Case Western Reserve University. Come and attend to be inspired, to find ways to collaborate and learn about meaningful integration of technology. We guarantee, your anatomy instruction will never be the same!

Title: A 21st Century Approach to Human Anatomy Education

When Case Western Reserve School of Medicine planned its new medical education building, the administration decided that the building would not include cadaveric dissection labs.  This allowed the faculty to develop a new approach to anatomy education.  Thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, HoloAnatomy® Software and subsequently HoloNeuroAnatomy® Software were born.  This talk describes our journey into twenty-first-century anatomy education and our current curriculum at our new Health Education Campus.  One of our goals was to bring in the new without abandoning our past.

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