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SIG Description

E-Learning is defined as any type of learning that is enabled or delivered to learners by Internets and Intranets or other types of computer networks. In recent years e-Learning environments have begun to incorporate web technology platforms to provide a simple and time flexible instructional delivery mode. The transition to online distance learning is creating a paradigm shift in the way health care professionals deliver instruction. Training is needed for the development of computer-based, alternative methods of course delivery and communication in medical education. The goal of the SIG for e-Learning in Medical Education is to help and encourage healthcare professionals to adopt new instructional delivery modes, to supplement or replace more traditional educational formats, and to identify teaching strategies that are time effective for their busy schedules. The SIG will also assist physicians and other healthcare professionals to select the best online teaching techniques, redesign their content and curriculum, incorporate self-directed, student-centered learning, and more effectively use computers to meet their learning objectives.

Mission and Vision

The SIG for e-Learning in Medical Education is a forum for medical educators with an interest in the use of e-Learning to support teaching and learning. With support from the Academic Pediatric Association (APA) this SIG is an opportunity for APA members to network, share ideas, resources, and experiences in the development and use of e-Learning in medical education. The SIG will enable members to keep up to date with national e-Learning initiatives and potential funding opportunities as well as provide support for help and advice to effectively design, develop, teach and evaluate online courses. Annual meetings will take place at the PAS annual conference, and on-demand meetings will be conducted online using available technologies.


Objectives of the SIG for e-Learning in Medical Education are to:

  • Provide expertise and training to medical educators to effectively design, develop, teach and evaluate online courses, as well as to convert existing teaching materials into a format appropriate for e-Learning.
  • Educate APA members/healthcare professionals transition from traditional methodologies to student-centered, interactive online learning through conference workshops and meetings.
  • Encourage healthcare professionals to take advantage of the benefits of a digital world.
  • Establish a sustainable and expanding e-Learning network of medical educators to share knowledge and experience and showcase innovative practice and development.
  • Share latest developments, e-Learning technologies and ideas on the e-Learning SIG listserv.
  • Participate in educational activities to establish a common baseline understanding of e-Learning technologies and applications.
  • Establish best practice standards for the development of new online learning modules and encourage research to examine the effectiveness of e-Learning.
  • Keep abreast of current online programs and review national and international developments in e-learning.

July 2015 Newsletter Article


This year's SIG meeting in San Diego introduced cutting edge technology as well as performance based curricular tools. Following opening remarks about this year's agenda, attendees were presented with two engaging presentations as well as a hands on workshop about curriculum dissection.

Drs. Lewis and Hathaway with colleagues stationed at Children's Mercy Hospital introduced a cutting edge telepresence platform called SighDeck (SID). The presentation demonstrated Children's Mercy Hospital's current pilot project with SID sharing examples of telepresence meetings. Participants also experienced synchronous telepresence meeting by talking to the co-presenters from Kansas City.

Dr. Michal Cidon described her work with e-portfolios using Ning technology to promote student- centered learning about pediatric rheumatology with trainees.

Drs. Kadriye Lewis and Douglas Blowey provided strategies on how to design a performance based curriculum for pediatric nephrology fellowship training.

Changes in e-Learning SIG in Medical Education
We are pleased to welcome a new Co-Chair to our SIG. Traci Wolbrink, MD MPH is a pediatric intensivist at Boston Children's Hospital and Associate Director of OPENPediatrics, an open-access, online social learning platform currently used in 125 countries (www.openpediatrics.org). OPENPediatrics aims to connect the pediatric community of clinicians worldwide, allowing them to share best practices from all resource settings through innovative collaboration and digital learning technologies. Traci leads the development of the platform's content, coordinates the development team, and working closely with technical collaborators to design site functionality and develop digital applications. Traci's academic interests including developing and researching optimal strategies for video-based learning and serious gaming.
After two years as Co-Chair, Dr. Erik Black is stepping down. Dr. Black will remain an integral part of our group, advising us and contributing his knowledge and experience in medical education. We thank him for the leadership and dedication that he has provided to our group.

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops - 2015

  • AAMC Medical Education Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland. Nov 10-12, 2015


  • 21st Annual Online learning Consortium at Orlando, Florida. Oct 14-16, 2015


To learn further about educational technology and related education conferences, please visit http://www.elearnhub.org/elearning-conferences-june-to-december-2015-and-beyond/

Invitation for Contribution to e-Learning SIG Newsletters and Webinar Proposals
We sincerely invite all of the APA members to contribute to our newsletters with topics that might be of interest to our e-Learning SIG members. Also, if you are looking for opportunities to present or deliver your e-learning initiatives, please send a brief outline and summary of your presentation topic. Feel free to contact Drs. Michal J. Cidon or Traci Wolbrink via the information below to discuss your ideas.

Michal J. Cidon, MD mjcidon@stanford.edu
Traci Wolbrink, MD Traci.Wolbrink@childrens.harvard.edu

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Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Michal Cidon, MD
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Phone: (650) 723-8295

Traci Wolbrink, MD, MPH
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