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Latha ChandranA Milestone for the Pediatrics Milestones

Whether I am at the AAMC meetings or the NBME meetings or at the PAS meetings, I hear the same topics discussed over and over again for the past several years. It started with the ACGME six competencies and has evolved into milestones and Entrustable Professional Activities. The Pediatric Educator Community took the leadership and pioneered the elaboration of explicit milestones with a developmental progression and served as role models in partnering with others (ABP, AAMC, NBME, ACGME) to promote life long learning and assessment. The AAMC has recently released the 13 Entrustable Professional Activities expected of every graduate of every US medical school, so there is a common platform to build on in the GME world and thereafter. The continuum of learning, learning as a life long process involving reflection, self awareness, emotional intelligence have all come to the forefront in this decades- long, thoughtful and scholarly approach to understand how we can improve the quality of patient care through rigorous educational processes.

In this supplement of Academic Pediatrics entitled A Milestone for the Pediatrics Milestones, you get the national experts on competencies and milestones discussing the current thinking in the seven domains of competency ( including the new one: Personal and Professional Development, added on to the established six ACGME ones). When you read through it, you realize the time, effort, deliberations and scholarly approach involved in this outstanding work. Each of the domains of competency has a list of competencies with five levels of expertise (Dreyfus model) from novice to expert with illustrative examples. To have it all in one place to refer to adopt, to adapt, and work with will be invaluable to anyone interested in medical education at the UME GME or CME levels. This is a treasure chest: enjoy it, save it and use it !!!

What better example of proactive leadership in problem solving! We pediatric educators can be proud of this outstanding trailblazing achievement! Kudos to all involved!

Latha Chandran MD, MPH
Chair, APA education committee
Professor of Pediatrics
Vice Dean for UGME
Stony Brook University School of Medicine

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Editorial img Efforts to Diversify the Academic Pediatric Workforce
Darcy A. Thompson, MD, MPH, Lee M. Pachter, DO, David Keller, MD.
JAMA Pediatrics. 2014;168(4):390 doi:10.1001/

"A recent paper in JAMA Pediatrics highlights the importance of diversifying the academic pediatric workforce. Over the past decade, the APA has been a national leader in this area through the New Century Scholars Program, which provides mentorship and networking opportunities to under-represented minority residents interested in pursuing academic careers, particularly in the areas of health and health care disparities and social determinants of health. "
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Lee M. Pachter, DO
Darcy A. Thompson MD MPH
David Keller, MD



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