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  • Co-chairs: Kathy Bradford (outgoing co-chair), Jennifer O'Toole, Lauren Solan, and Erin Shaughnessy (co-chair elect)

    SIG purpose/mission:
    The mission of the APA's Hospital Medicine SIG is to advance the field of Hospital Medicine within the APA and nationally by working closely with the two other societies that support Pediatric Hospital Medicine (American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society of Hospital Medicine). The co-chairs of the APA HM SIG are responsible for being active members of the planning committee of the annual Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) meeting and the Consortium of Pediatric Hospital Medicine. Every three years the APA is the society responsible for hosting and executing the annual meeting with the SIG chairs serving as co-chairs of the meeting. The next meeting being hosted by the APA will be in July 2018.

    Current SIG goals:
    1. Lead the execution of the 2018 PHM annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, which is expected to attact over 1,200 attendees.
    2. Plan an innovative SIG session for the 2018 PAS meeting that will address the current needs of pediatric hospitalists within the APA, including topics such as the pending ABP PHM board certification process and ACGME certification of PHM fellowships.

    Annual summary:

    • 2017 Annual SIG session at PAS

      • This year we partnered with the Family Centered Care SIG to present a innovate session titled "Engaging Patients and Families in Hospital Care." Speakers included experts in the field as well as patient/family representatives. Four main topic areas were discussed during the session including patient/family engagement in family-centered rounds, patient/family engagement in hospital safety, using technology to engage patients and families in the hospital setting and family-centered transitions of care from hospital to home. Over 50 people were in attendance for this interactive and cutting-edge session.
    • 2017 PHM Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennesee

      • PHM 2017 is anticipated to be the largest PHM meeting in history, with 1,137 registrants as of July 5, 2017.
      • Drs. Bradford, O'Toole, and Solan all served on the planning committee for the 2017 meeting. New additions to the meeting for 2017 include increased track and topic offerings to meet the educational needs of hospitalists, as well as new "mini-plenary" sessions that allow for quick-hit presentations on cutting-edge evidence and topics that are critical to the practice of PHM.
    • APA to lead the 2018 PHM meeting

      • While still 12 months away, the SIG co-chairs have been actively working with the APA staff to plan the 2018 PHM meetings since the fall of 2016. A venue in Atlanta, Georgia has been secured and the 2018 planning committee will have their first meeting July 23-24 immediately following the 2017 meeting. We anticipate attendance numbers to top 1,200 for this meeting. Jen O'Toole and Lauren Solan will serve as co-chairs of the planning committee for this meeting.
    • Welcome, Consortium of Pediatric Hospital Medicine!

        • Given the rapid progression of the field of PHM over the past few years and the recent approval for PHM to become a board certified specialty through the ABP, the three sponsoring organizations of PHM (including the APA, the AAP and the Society of Hospital Medicine) have formed the Consortium of Pediatric Hospital Medicine (CPHM) to provide a unified home for PHM and its key stakeholders. The APA Hospital Medicine Co-Chairs are members of the CPHM and will represent the interests of the APA Hospital Medicine SIG membership within the group.

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    • CPHM


      January 2018 Newsletter

      Hospital Medicine SIG Updates

      • Save the Date for Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2018!
        Mark your calendars for this exciting conference hosted by the APA!
        When: July 19th - 22nd
        Where: Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA Check out for more details. Registration will be opening soon! We have had a ton of wonderful content submitted and are looking forward to a great meeting!
      • Please join us at the Hospital Medicine SIG meeting at PAS on Saturday, May 5th from 8-10am – This year's SIG meeting is titled “Ready or Not, Here It Comes! Preparing Your Pediatric Hospital Medicine Group for Board Certification” The session will begin with a global overview of the board certification process and we will then take a deeper dive into the potential impact on the PHM workforce and market, the community hospitalist perspective, and how to mentor residents and fellows regarding board certification. Following, attendees will break out into round-table discussions with leaders in the field to discuss these topics and develop plans for their own careers and how to approach negotiations on behalf of their hospitalist groups with their institutional leaders. The session will conclude with the annual business meeting of the Hospital Medicine Special Interest Group during which key constituency groups will share updates on current activities and plans for the upcoming year.
      • PHM Faculty Development Pre-Conference
        The SIG subcommittee on Faculty Development is excited to announce a half-day pre-conference "Developing your Career in Pediatric Hospital Medicine" on July 19, 2018 prior to the start of PHM 2018. This inaugural offering will feature innovative sessions such as "Developing your Career Road Map" and "Negotiation: How to get what you really want!" Stay tuned for more details and registration information!
      • It’s Almost Election Time!
        Hard to believe but it’s almost time to elect our next APA PHM SIG co-chair for the 2018-2021 term. Stayed tuned for election details in the coming weeks!

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      Current SIG Co-Chairs:

      Jennifer O'Toole, MD, MEd
      724 Brookstone Drive
      Cincinnati, OH 45230
      Phone: (513) 349-1488

      Erin Shaughnessy, MD
      1919 E. Thomas Road
      Phoenix, AZ 85016
      Phone: (513) 582-8181

      Lauren Solan, MD, MEd
      601 Elmwood Ave.
      Rochester, NY 14642
      Phone: (585) 275-6819



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