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April 19, 2024

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Executive Director
Pediatric Academic Societies
Part-time, Remote Position

The Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) seeks an astute and visionary leader to serve as the part-time Executive Director, the chief executive officer of the PAS, to provide strategic acumen as well as a vision for the organization’s impact on pediatric health worldwide. This is a unique opportunity to grow and develop the academic and research meeting for pediatrics.

The PAS serves as a platform for pediatric researchers, educators, clinicians, and other professionals to share knowledge, collaborate on research projects, and advance the field of pediatrics. It organizes an annual meeting with about 8,000 attendees across 60+ pediatric and academic pediatric specialties, with 35 organizations represented. The PAS meeting is one of the largest global gatherings of pediatric professionals, where attendees can present research findings, participate in workshops and seminars, and engage in networking opportunities.

In 2018, PAS became its own 501(c)3, and it has expanded significantly, developing a new strategic plan and launching new and expanded educational programs, collaborations, and awards. The incoming Executive Director will capitalize on this momentum to propel PAS to its next era of excellence.

Reporting to the PAS Board of Directors, the Executive Director acts as the chief executive officer of the PAS and is tasked with supporting the ambitions of the organization. This leader will implement the new strategic plan and enhance the reach, value proposition, and constituent engagement of the PAS. The Executive Director is fiscally responsible for the PAS by aligning processes with standards to ensure organizational sustainability. The incoming Executive Director will steward board relations, ensure productive and transparent relationships between The Partner organizations, and lead and inspire a talented and diverse staff under a unique shared services model. Above all, this Executive Director will promote the PAS and influence partnerships and opportunities to increase brand awareness and to advance the vision and strategic priorities of the organization in pursuit of a world with healthy children, adolescents, and families through advances in pediatric scholarship.

The Pediatric Academic Societies has retained Isaacson, Miller, a national executive search firm, to assist with this important recruitment. Inquiries, nominations, and applications will be treated confidentially and should be directed to the firm as indicated at the end of this document.

To advance its mission of Connecting the global academic community to advance scientific discovery and promote innovation in child and adolescent health, the PAS brings together more than 35 organizations to conduct society business, contribute to a scientific/scholarly program, and provide networking and learning opportunities for their members and the broader academic pediatric community.

The PAS is responsible for the production of an annual PAS Meeting. This international scholarly/scientific conference draws approximately 8,000 physicians, researchers, and allied health professionals from across 60+ pediatric and academic pediatric specialties and groups to share and advance pediatric research. The PAS Meeting draws a global audience of physician-scientists, clinicians, and medical educators and provides attendees opportunities to share research, explore new ideas, build career opportunities, and collaborate on future projects. Attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors engage in a four-day program of scientific and educational sessions, workshops, special interest groups, award presentations, social and networking events, and three days of significant pre- and post-conference educational and scientific events. More than 35 organizations meet under the PAS banner to conduct society/organization business, contribute to a scientific/scholarly program, and provide networking and learning opportunities for their members and the broad academic pediatrics community.

The PAS Meeting was overseen by an informal partnership of four leading pediatric associations: American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Academic Pediatric Association (APA), American Pediatric Society (APS), and Society for Pediatric Research (SPR). In 2018, the PAS became a separate 501(c)3 and established the PAS Board of Directors as the formal PAS governance charged with fiduciary oversight. AAP, APA, APS, and SPR remain integral collaborators for the success of the PAS. Each of the four historic Partner organizations appoints two Directors to the PAS Board; the PAS Program Chair and Chair-elect and PAS Executive Director serve ex officio. Since incorporation, the PAS Board has launched several active committees, task forces, and new initiatives, including the development of a strategic plan. Strategic plan formation is expected to be completed in Summer 2024.

A shared services model has traditionally supported operations for the APS and SPR and the PAS. The PAS Executive Director will work within this model to support the operations of the PAS along with the Academic Pediatric Society (APS) and the Society for Pediatric Research (SPR). The PAS Executive Director is expected to work in close collaboration with the APS and SPR Executive Director to ensure a highly collaborative, cooperative, and mutually satisfactory oversight and sharing of staff and services.

Each of the Societies maintains separate budgets and accounts. Staff costs are allocated based on effort allocation. Six positions are shared, and an additional 15 positions are assigned full-time to one of the three supported entities, with 10 individuals reporting directly to PAS. Infrastructure costs are shared based on utilization. Beginning January 1, 2025, the three Societies will have a shared storage area secured in The Woodlands, Texas as well as separate postal boxes in The Woodlands for mail and packages.

Reporting to the PAS Board of Directors, the Executive Director serves as the chief executive officer of PAS, represents the PAS to the Board of Directors and The Partners, and is responsible for the administration of PAS operations and an annual operating budget of $6 million (FY24). Specific opportunities and challenges for the next Executive Director are outlined below.

Work collaboratively with the PAS Board of Directors and staff on strategic plan implementation
The next Executive Director will work closely with staff, the PAS Board of Directors, and The Partners to collaboratively implement the new strategic plan. This plan was very recently and thoughtfully developed between the Board of Directors and staff. In the short term, there will be limited room for refinement under the next Executive Director. The Executive Director will work closely with the PAS staff to execute these plans and achieve established goals. Additionally, they will establish administrative and team structures necessary to support strategic objectives and ensure the financial sustainability of the PAS. This includes providing reports at least quarterly to the Board of Directors on strategic risks, obstacles, and resource requirements while also proposing solutions or mitigations to address these issues. This leader will oversee the production of the PAS Annual Report, which includes financial statements, meeting outcomes, and progress reports on strategic plan implementation.

Promote board development and relations to facilitate alignment with The Partners
The next Executive Director will provide guidance to the Board of Directors to achieve PAS’s vision and strategic objectives and ensure a culture of trust, productive collaboration, and routine communication with The Partners and affiliated organizations. They will support the Board of Directors in implementing practices aimed at enhancing governance effectiveness, Director orientation, succession planning, and Board performance evaluation. The Executive Director will work to understand the mission, vision, goals, and priorities of The Partner organizations and how those align with and can be supported by the ongoing work of PAS and its strategic plan. Notably, the Executive Director will nurture an open, productive, and respectful culture among the Board of Directors and The Partners.

Ensure fiscal sustainability for PAS
The Executive Director establishes and maintains processes and accountability structures that conform to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and comply with federal and state laws. The Executive Director works collaboratively with key stakeholders such as the PAS Meeting Director, CFO, Secretary/Treasurer, and Finance Committee to develop annual budget recommendations and business plans that support strategic initiatives for consideration and approval by the Board of Directors. Additionally, the Executive Director provides leadership and oversight in fiscal management, ensuring the PAS’s long-term financial sustainability by implementing effective financial strategies and monitoring performance to align with the organization’s mission and objectives while meeting regulatory requirements.

Oversee and manage the organizational culture to advance effectiveness
The Executive Director will oversee staff recruitment, retention, mentoring, and evaluation, ensuring alignment of skills with the needs of PAS and conducting satisfaction surveys to gauge community feedback. They will develop succession plans, document policies, ensure compliance with laws, and establish systems to maintain governance and operational records.

To ensure the organization’s effectiveness, this leader will recommend strategies, technologies, and best practices to the Board of Directors while periodically evaluating and updating bylaws and policies. They advise the PAS Meeting Director on various operational aspects such as contract negotiations, vendor selection and management, and volunteer leader relations.

Represent the PAS in external discussions and partnership-building
The Executive Director represents the organization positively and professionally, fostering strategic relationships with key stakeholders and acting as a spokesperson for the PAS to external audiences when appropriate. Engaging in these activities will help uphold the organization’s vision and enhance its reputation within the community while ensuring that operational decisions align with strategic priorities.

To achieve this broad mandate, the successful candidate for this position will meet the requirements and possess many, if not all, of the following characteristics.

  • Demonstrated ability to identify strategic opportunities, articulate a strategic vision, and lead groups to realize these goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to measure the ROI of programs and activities and to evolve these as needed to remain aligned with community needs and organizational priorities.
  • Proven capacity to enhance organizational brand and value proposition, increase financial sustainability through revenue growth and diversification, and create and advance business development plans.
  • Ability to think creatively and to problem solve; excellent conflict resolution skills, and ability to develop collaborative relationships across a wide and diverse constituent base with differentiated goals, strategies, and objectives.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate across a diverse population of collaborators and other interested parties.
  • Understanding of and commitment to the value of research and academic pediatrics to children
    and adolescent’s health and the challenges and issues impacting the current academic pediatrics environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to recruit, retain, lead, and manage people to successfully meet the diverse needs of the team and organization.
  • At least ten years of successful management experience in complex, multi-constituent organizational settings.
  • Preferred experience: Board development experience and leadership experience in non-profit organizations or with academic, scientific, or medical organizations.

The Pediatric Academic Society has retained Isaacson, Miller to assist in its identification and review of candidates. Screening of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the search is successful or closed. Inquiries, referrals, and resume and cover letter should be sent in confidence via:

The Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) leadership and staff are committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the PAS Meeting and related activities. PAS is committed to providing a safe environment that welcomes the respectful expression of diverse opinions and perspectives and is open to collegial, energetic debate and dialogue.

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