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Oakland, California

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May 13, 2020

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Alameda Health Partners is recruiting a Chair of Pediatrics that provides services to Alameda Health System, a major public health system and medical training institution headquartered in Oakland, CA. The system has more than 4,500 employees and 1,100 physicians and comprises three general acute hospitals, the Acute Rehabilitation Center at Fairmont Hospital, two skilled nursing facilities, an inpatient psychiatric facility, and four community wellness centers. The Health System is driven by its mission – Caring, Teaching, Healing, Serving All. The heart of its mission is to promote wellness, eliminate disparities, and improve and maintain the health of residents of the diverse communities of Alameda County, regardless of ability to pay.

The Chair of Pediatrics provides strategic leadership and vision for the Pediatrics Department. The Chair will be a visionary leader and skilled pediatrician, and a respected leader who is operationally savvy and highly knowledgeable of cutting-edge clinical practices.

The Chair must promote a culture of institutional stewardship and transparency, including commitment to improved business operations, clinical excellence, efficient and effective use of resources, and a willingness to re-align resources with evolving strategies.

The Chair will be accountable to the Chief of Staff, the Chief Medical Officer, and the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief of Staff and Chief Medical Officer will periodically evaluate the Chair’s performance of duties and report their findings and recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Chair of Pediatrics will have administrative/clinical responsibility and model behaviors and actions that are in support of the Alameda Health System mission, vision and values.



The Chair shall have the following authority, duties and responsibilities:

  • Act as presiding officer at departmental meetings.
  • Report to the medical executive committee and to the Chief Medical Officer regarding all professional and administrative activities within the department;
  • Generally and continuously monitor the quality of patient care and professional performance rendered by members with clinical privileges in the department through a planned and systematic process; oversee and maintain the effective conduct of the patient care, evaluation, and monitoring functions delegated to the department by the medical executive committee in coordination and integration with organization- wide quality assessment and improvement activities.
  • Develops and implement departmental programs for patient care review, ongoing monitoring of practice, credentials review and privileges delineation, medical education, utilization review, and quality assessment and improvement and all other clinically related activities of the department.
  • Be a member of the Medical Executive Committee, be responsible for all clinically related activities of the department, give guidance on the overall medical policies of the Medical Staff and Health System and make specific recommendations and suggestions regarding his/her department.
  • Recommend criteria for clinical privileges to the Credentials Committee and Medical Executive Committee, and timely transmit to the Credentials Committee recommendations concerning practitioner appointment and classification, renewal of membership, criteria for clinical privileges, and monitoring of specific services and corrective action with respect to persons with clinical privileges in the department.
  • Endeavor to enforce the Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, within the department.
  • Implement within the department appropriate actions taken by the Medical Executive Committee.
  • Participate in every phase of administration of the department, including maintaining a quality control program, as appropriate, recommending a sufficient number of qualified and competent persons to provide care, treatment and services, and space and other resources needed by the department; cooperation with nursing service and the hospital administration in matters such as personnel (including assisting in determining the qualifications and competence of department/service personnel who are not licensed independent practitioners and who provide patient care services), supplies, orientation, special regulations, standing orders and techniques.
  • Assist in the preparation of such annual reports, including budgetary planning, pertaining to the department as may be required by the Medical Executive Committee.
  • Assess and recommend to the Credentials Committee and/or Medical Executive Committee, off-site sources for needed patient care, treatment, and services not provided by the department of the Health System.
  • Integrate the department or service into the primary functions of the Health System and coordinate and integrate interdepartmental and intradepartmental services.
  • Develop and implement department policies and procedures that guide and support the provision of care, treatment and services in the department.
  • Make recommendations for a sufficient number of qualified and competent persons to provide care or service and recommend delineated clinical privileges for each member of the department.
  • Appointment to such committees as are necessary to conduct the functions of the department and designate a Chair for each, such committee may include members of another department if approved by such member’s department Chair.
  • Perform such other duties commensurate with the office as may from time to time be reasonably requested by the Chief of Staff, Chief Medical Officer or the CEO.



The Chair shall be a member of the Active Medical Staff or Provisional Staff in good standing and shall be certified by an appropriate qualified by training, experience and demonstrated ability in at least one of the clinical areas covered by the Department. The Chair shall be board certified by an appropriate specialty board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Association, or has been affirmatively established by the Medical Executive Committee, through the credentialing process, as having comparable competence.

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About the Organization

About Alameda Health System and Alameda Health Partners:

Alameda Health System (AHS) is a major public health system and medical training institution headquartered in Oakland, CA. Since 1847, AHS has been dedicated to ensuring access to high quality health care for all, regardless of ability to pay. The system has more than 4,500 employees, 1,000 physicians and 480 volunteer and includes three acute hospitals, two skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehabilitation and psychiatric facilities, and four community wellness centers. The Health System is driven by its mission – Caring, Teaching, Healing, Serving All.

Alameda Health Partners, Inc. (AHP) is a physician hospital organization established by Alameda Health System to coordinate and support providers in delivering high quality, efficient, value-based care to the patients and communities served by AHS. AHP is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of AHS.

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