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2007 brochure & meeting folder | Presentations & workshop materials | Outcome | Conference surveys | Photo gallery | Next steps
2007 National Leadership Conference

Outline of Workshop on Leadership Skills:
Leading others/Mentoring/ Teamwork
Stephen Ludwig and Ruth Stein

5 min
Introductions and Outline of Workshop Goals

5 min

Goal or Purpose of Mentorship Relationship – Group Activity with Flip Chart
3 min
Table work - tables to identify based on their experience:
½ Most important Qualities and Characteristics of a good mentor
½ Most important Roles and responsibilities of a good mentor
3 min
Report and summary of table work
3 min
Table work:
½ Most important Qualities and Characteristics of a good mentee
½ Most important Roles and responsibilities of a good mentee
3 min
Report and summary of table work
5 min
Group activity with Flip Chart - Challenges that you face in becoming a mentor
15 min

Introduction of Tools for Mentorship and how they can be used
Setting expectations for those you supervise and providing a systematic mechanism for monitoring growth: These are samples of tools that should be tailored to your specific mentorship goals. All are used with some prep work on a periodic (i.e. annual) basis and are intended to be useful in individual sessions with self-appraisal by the mentee and appraisal by the mentor that can form the basis of discussion and future planning.

10 min

Use of a tool to mentor one another - 5 mins each role in dyads; switching who is the mentor and who is the mentee.

You have given your mentee an activity sheet to fill out and returned it to you. Now you need to sit down and go over it:
  • 1st case: He is an ambitious guy who wants to be a division director some day and really wants to get promoted as soon as possible
  • 2nd case: You have been charged with making your division more academic, but this particular physician is perfectly happy teaching successfully and doing clinical work as long as she doesn’t have to take work home with her.
2 min
What was easy and what was hard?
10 min

Table exercise:

  • Scenario #1 - The physician who cannot settle in… in dyads
10 min

Group exercise by table with report to larger group:

  • Scenario # 2: The unfocused physician: This is your 4th semiannual review and each time the physician whom you are mentoring comes in with a brand new plan for what he/she want to accomplish in the next 6 months.
10 min

Table exercise:

  • Scenario # 3: Mentoring this person was easy in the beginning, but now it is going on your nerves, because this person cannot make a move without checking it with you first. In dyads
10 min
Criteria for evaluating yourself as a mentor- Groups exercise
5 min
Lessons learned and how they can be adopted back home

Other points to cover:

  • Identifying areas of special interest within General Pediatrics and helping individuals to develop expertise
  • Developing CVs and Teaching portfolios
  • Providing information about the promotions process and timetable at your own institution
  • Nominating people for things:
    • Committees etc
  • Skill development
    • Sending people to career development programs
    • On-line opportunities
  • Identifying collaborative opportunities; research small grants etc
  • Co authoring: Chapters, reviews, etc
  • To include a discussion of what to do when you don’t have the skills for some aspect of mentoring yourself
  • Advantages of being a mentor

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