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SIG purpose/mission:
To address the need for leadership development within PHM - leadership is not unique to division directors or fellowship directors so a combined leadership focused PHM SIG will help focus on the common issues of both groups and provide a forum for those groups to interact and also serve as a vital networking opportunity.  In our inaugural meeting we focused on the PHM workforce and the challenges presented to leaders.

Current SIG goals:
1. Recruitment of faculty when there are not enough fellowship trained individuals to fill the open spots 
2. Funding, sustaining, and growing fellowships 
3. Engaging and developing clinical faculty 

Annual summary:
During our inaugural session we focused on negotiation with senior leaders and invited a panel of experts from around the country to share their experiences with negotiating with PHM leaders at their respective institutions.  The panel included a CEO, Department Chair, Community Hospitalist Director and a Fellowship Director.  The panelists each offered their unique perspective and then there was a Q & A.  There were approximately 50 participants who were thoroughly engaged with the panel. The panel session was followed by breakout sessions that focused on 3 areas:  
1) What does your title really mean?; 2) How does the financial stream of your institution and division affect your program? and 3) Getting to know you inner procrastinator.  Our panelists co-facilitated these breakout sessions with one of the Co-Directors.

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Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Francisco Alvarez, MD
300 Pasteur Dr
Stanford, CA 94305
Phone: (650) -73-4421

Michael Bryant , MD,Other, MBA
4650 Sunset Blvd. Mailstop # 94
Phone: ((32) 3) -6265

Neha Shah, MD
111 Michigan Avenue NW
Washington , DC 20010
Phone: (202) 476-4835




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