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SIG purpose/mission:
The mission of the APA's Hospital Medicine SIG is to advance the field of Hospital Medicine within the APA and nationally by working closely with the two other societies that support Pediatric Hospital Medicine (American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society of Hospital Medicine).

Current SIG goals:
1. With support from the APA, lead the planning of PHM 2018 as meeting Co-Chairs and continue to be active participants in future PHM planning committees (to be sponsored in 2019 by AAP with location TBD). Given the ever-increasing growth of the meeting, planning as meeting Co-Chairs has been ongoing since last spring and bears a significant time commitment.
2. Continue to plan the SIG meeting for PAS 2019 (2018 completed).
3. SIG Co-Chairs will continue to be active members of CPHM and will advocate for APA PHM community members.

Hospital Medicine SIG Updates

Save the Date for Pediatric Hospital Medicine 2019!
Mark your calendars for this exciting conference!
When: July 25th - 28th
Where: Hyatt Regency Seattle, Seattle, WA

Check out for more details. Call for Micro-Talk Sessions, Mini-Plenary Sessions, Workshops and Clinical Quick Hits due Friday, October 26th at 4pm CDT. Research abstract and conundrums submission site will open mid-late November.

The Consortium of Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Given the rapid progression of the field of PHM over the past few years and the recent approval for PHM to become a board certified specialty through the ABP, the three sponsoring organizations of PHM (APA, AAP and Society of Hospital Medicine) have formed the Consortium of Pediatric Hospital Medicine (CPHM) to provide a unified home for PHM and its key stakeholders. Dr. Erin Shaughnessy and Dr. Lauren Solan are members of the CPHM and represent the interests of the APA Hospital Medicine SIG membership within the group; Dr. Lauren Solan currently serves as the Chair of CPHM, taking over the reins from Dr. Sandy Gage (SHM).

Annual summary:
Annual SIG Meeting at PAS 2017
Well attended by hospitalists who are members of the APA. We partnered with the Patient and Family-Centered Care SIG for this SIG meeting. The focus of the meeting was on patient and family centered care and engagement of patients and families. We invited a panel of experts as well as a family advocate to speak about core content areas related to this and subsequently had participants break off into small groups facilitated by our invited speakers and the SIG co-chairs. For the business portion of the SIG we invited representatives of the ABP PHM Sub board, the PHM Education Committee, the APA HM SIG Faculty Development Subcommittee and announced our next SIG Co-Chair (Dr. Erin Shaughnessy). We used the stipend provided as a honorarium for our invited family advocate as well as a plaque for our outgoing chair (Dr. Kathy Bradford).

Annual SIG Meeting at PAS 2018 
Well attended by hospitalists on Saturday, May 5th at PAS. The focus of his year’s session was on preparing pediatric hospital medicine groups for board certification. We invited experienced PHM colleagues to speak about the basics of board certification, the potential impact on the workforce and PHM market, how to mentor residents and fellows and what this means for community hospitalists. These introductions were followed by breakout sessions facilitated by our speakers. For the business portion of the meeting, we invited representatives from the AAP SOHM Education Subcommittee, the Value in Inpatient Pediatrics (VIP) group, the APA HM SIG Faculty Development Subcommittee, the newest SIG Co-Chair (Annie Andrews) and as the Co-Chairs for the 2018 PHM Conference, Drs. O’Toole and Solan gave a meeting update.

PHM 2017 Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN
2017 PHM was sponsored by SHM and was the largest PHM meeting to date with over 1,200 attendees. Sessions were extremely well attended and a number of APA members gave platforms, plenaries and workshops throughout the meeting. We anticipate continued growth of the meeting for PHM 2018 which will be in Atlanta, GA and sponsored by the APA (see below for additional information). With the exception of Dr. Solan who was on maternity leave and remoted in for the planning meeting, the other 2 SIG Co- Chairs stayed after the meeting for 2 days of planning sessions for PHM 2018.
PHM 2018 Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA

The APA is sponsoring PHM 2018 and last sponsored the PHM Meeting in 2015 when 850 folks were in attendance. Given the growth each subsequent year with over 1200 attendees at the 2017 meeting, we anticipate similar or higher numbers again this year. Drs. O’Toole and Solan are co-chairing the meeting this year and have been holding bi-monthly planning committee session calls, and bi-monthly calls with APA staff. We have accepted 8 pre-conference submissions which will precede the meeting covering a vast range of topics. We have had over 180 workshop and min-plenary submissions as well as over 500 abstract and conundrum submissions. We already have 920 registrants as of May 31st! Creation of the Consortium of Pediatric Hospital Medicine (CPHM) APA SIG Co-Chairs previously played an active role in the Joint Council of Pediatric Hospital Medicine (JCPHM), a group heavily involved in the proposal for PHM board certification. The JCPHM has now dissolved with the creation of CPHM, which is a group comprised of representatives from the three organizations sponsoring PHM (APA, AAP and SHM). CPHM seeks to provide a unified home for PHM and its key stakeholders. The APA PHM SIG Co-Chairs are members of CPHM and represent the interests of the APA PHM SIG members. Dr. Solan will chair CPHM next year starting in July 2018. CPHM funds 2 Council of Pediatric Subspecialties (CoPS) representatives. Dr. Kris Rehm is currently in her last year of her term and serves as the CPHM representative; members of the PHM community applied for the position and JoAnna Leyenaar has been elected as the newest representative as Dr. Rehm rotates off. Dr. Karen Jerardi is the other representative who represents the PHM Fellowship Directors. CPHM also selected society representatives to the Choosing Wisely panel led by Dr. Ricardo Quinonez and supported by SHM. Each organization (AAP, APA and SHM) solicited nominations and each organization chose 3 members - the APA candidates that were chosen are: Dr. Amanda Schondelmeyer, Dr. Michael Tchou and Dr. Alison Holmes.

Other groups (other SIGs and other groups not in the APA) that work in your area of interest:

AAP SOHM (Section on Hospital Medicine), SHM (Society for Hospital Medicine) Pediatric Special Interest Group

Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Anne Andrews, MD
135 Rutledge Ave
Charleston, SC 29425
Phone: (843) -87-8512

Erin Shaughnessy, MD
1919 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: (513) 582-8181

Lauren Solan, MD, MEd
601 Elmwood Ave.
Rochester, NY 14642
Phone: (585) 275-6819




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