Name:Maryellen Gusic
Department:Dean's Office; Pediatrics
Institution:Indiana University School of Medicine
Address:340 W. 10th Street Fairbanks 6200
City,State,Zip:Indianapolis, IN 46202
Professional Role:General Pediatrician
Educational Role:Executive Associate Dean for Educational Affairs; Chair-APA Education Committee; Senior Associate Editor for Academic Pediatrics
Special Interests:Medical education, faculty development, educational research, childhood immunizations and the care of children with special health care needs. Currently working on a project to enhance the teaching skills of pediatric faculty and to develop a system of peer review of faculty teaching. Has developed a web-based tool to help clinical preceptors evaluate students using objective criteria and a web-based professional mentoring and networking tool.
ESP Role:Program Co-leader; Director of Research; member of Executive Committee, member of Curriculum and Evaluation committee; faculty
Bio Sketch: Dr Gusic serves as the Executive Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and is the Dolores and John Read Professor of Medical Education and Professor of Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. In her role, she has oversight of undergraduate medical education at nine campuses across the state, graduate and continuing medical education, medical student affairs and admissions, the health professions programs and masters program in medical sciences, information resources and education technology including library services. Dr Gusic has extensive experience in medical education. Most recently, she served as the Associate Dean for Clinical Education and the Co-Director of the Junior Faculty Development Program at the Penn State College of Medicine. In addition, she developed and directed a novel series of programs at Penn State to enhance the teaching skills of faculty. Dr Gusic's involvement with national professional organizations also reflects her interests in education and faculty development. She is the Chair of the Academic Pediatric Associations (APA) Education Committee, a board member of that organization and a leader of the APAs Educational Scholars Program. With her colleagues, has published a template for Educator Portfolios and created an analysis tool for the evaluation of portfolios. She is leading a task force for the AAMC on the evaluation of educators. Dr. Gusic is a member of the USMLE Step 2 Committee and of the Step 2 Clinical Skills Test Material Development Committee. She is the Senior Editor for Education for Academic Pediatrics.