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This module was initially created for use by the Academic Pediatric Association's Education Scholars Program, as an online intersession module.

The Author, Constance D. Baldwin, PhD, is Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester, where she serves as Associate Director of the General Pediatrics Fellowship, and consults on curriculum development department-wide. She earned her Ph.D. in English from Stanford University. Dr. Baldwin's work focuses on faculty development in the grant writing and scientific communications, and educational development. Previously the Education Chair of the Academic Pediatric Association (APA), she has participated in development of a national web-based curriculum for pediatric residency training, the APA Educational Guidelines for Pediatric Residency. She is also on the APA project team that has built a national accreditation process for general academic pediatrics fellowships. She is co-director for the Academic Pediatric Association's Educational Scholars Program, for which the module is used as an intersession learning activity.

The Technical Editor, Virginia Niebuhr, PhD, used Wimba Create to convert the module for online access. Dr. Niebuhr is a Professor of Pediatrics, and a Pediatric Psychologist, at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. Much of her work focuses on faculty development in the area of educational technology. She is a faculty member for the Academic Pediatric Association's Educational Scholars Program.


The print and online sources of ideas and examples used in this module are listed below.

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The images used in this module, except those listed below, are from Microsoft Office Online Clip Art, and used with credit and without need for permission when used for non-commercial purposes. Those not from Microsoft Office Online Clip Art are credited as follows:

  • Part 2 Tip 4. Path in the woods photo. Steve Jenkins, Roakoke, VA 8-12-06. Source: Google Images. This image is posted in the Creative Commons, with permission to copy, distribute and transmit the work with proper attribution.