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TIP 5: Analyze Your Paragraphs To Test Clarity, Logic, Focus, Continuity, and Sound.

When you have completed a draft version of a paragraph, it is important to go back to your work to evaluate:

  • clear and logical flow of ideas
  • strategic use of emphasis (first and last positions of sentences and paragraphs)
  • coherence of transitions
  • consistency of tense
  • avoidance of redundancies (repetitions that serve no purpose)
  • smooth and varied sound

This editing task can be approached in many ways: you can read the paragraph aloud (my favorite), outline topics in the margins, circle all subjects and verbs, and/or invent your own color coding system to analyze the content. Use the method that helps you to gain a fresh perspective on what you have written, so you can improve it. This is a critical time to reread your work from the READER'S perspective.