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Pediatric Oral Health 


Section Contributor: Michelle Dalal, MD 


Online resources 


  1. American/Academy/of Pediatric Dentistry/ 


General pediatric dental information for patients and families and current policies and guidelines from the AAPD and ability to search their journal, Pediatric Dentistry, for topics of interest. (PC4) 


  1. AAP Childrens Oral Health 


Comprehensive information regarding childrens oral health including education, oral health practice tools and ways to advocate for children to achieve good lifelong oral health. (PC4) 



Smiles for Life Curriculum: Comprehensive Oral Health Curriculum-This course covers the relationship of oral health to systemic health, child oral health, acute dental problems, caries risk assessment, fluoride varnish and counseling, oral examination.  (PC4) 




American Dental Association Fluoride Supplementation Decision Tool:Dietary Fluoride Supplements: Evidence-based Clinical Recommendations/(MK 1) 




AAP Oral Health Risk Assessment-The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has developed this tool to aid in the implementation of oral health risk assessment during health supervision visits. (PC 1, 4) 


  1. USPSTF Recommendation- Prevention of Dental Caries in Children From Birth Through Age 5 years (PC 1, 4) 




  1. Kenneth W. Norwood Jr, MD,/Rebecca L. Slayton, DDS, PhD,/AAP Clinical Report: Oral Health Care for Children with Developmental Disabilities. Pediatrics Vol. 131 No. 3 March 1, 2013, pp. 614 -619 (doi: 10.1542/peds.2012-3650) 


This clinical report describes the effect that poor oral health has on children with developmental disabilities as well as the importance of partnerships between the pediatric medical and dental homes. Basic knowledge of the oral health risk factors affecting children with developmental disabilities is provided. Pediatricians may use the report to guide their incorporation of oral health assessments and education into their well-child examinations for children with developmental disabilities./(SBP 1) 


  1. AAP Policy Statement: Oral Health Risk Assessment Timing and Establishment of the Dental Home. Pediatrics Vol. 111 No. 5 May 1, 2003, pp. 1113 -1116 


Pediatricians and pediatric health care professionals should develop the knowledge base to perform oral health risk assessments on all patients beginning at 6 months of age. Patients who have been determined to be at risk of development of dental caries or who fall into recognized risk groups should be directed to establish a dental home 6 months after the first tooth erupts or by 1 year of age (whichever comes first).  (PC 4) 

  1. Section on Pediatric Dentistry and Oral Health. AAP Policy Statement Preventative Oral Health Intervention for Pediatricians Pediatrics Vol. 122 No. 6 December 1, 2008, pp. 1387 -1394  


 A summary of current concepts and scientific evidence required to understand and implement practice-based preventive oral health programs. By implementing these programs, pediatricians can improve oral health outcomes for all children and especially children at significant risk of dental decay. (PC 4)