New Resources - Supplemental Learning: Leadership



Section Contributor: Christine White MD, MAT 

Online Resources 

  1. Motz L, Lloyd B, Donato A, Chaudhary A, Kaliyadan A, Stavarski D, Diehl C, Reber D, Romig B, Ravert E. Interdisciplinary Curriculum and Simulation Cases for Teaching Leadership and Communication to Medical Rapid Response Teams. MedEdPORTAL; 2012. 

This guide contains materials to teach internal medicine residents and rapid response team members the leadership and communication skills to run a rapid response team in management of acute medical problems. It contains learning objective for each member of the response team. The enclosed instructor guide and the attached materials are designed to train an interdisciplinary team. The training is designed to teach teams at regular, short intervals to accommodate those with ongoing clinical responsibilities, applying intensive training with brief feedback cycles that are intended to be as unobtrusive to schedules as possible with the goal of assembling all members of a team to teach communication and leadership principles.  (PC1, PBLI 1 IPCS 1, PROF 1 

  1. FrugĂ© E, Drutz J, Horowitz M. Reflective Practice & Leadership in Medicine & Medical Education. MedEdPORTAL; 2009. 

This new, comprehensive website helps medical educators prepare physicians for the leadership dimensions of their roles. Specifically, this site will help medical professionals apply the principles of Reflective Practice and Leadership (RPL) to all of their responsibilities whether assisting patients, teaching, conducting research, serving as mentors or supporting colleagues. A complete review of the website will equip a medical educator to design and pilot an RPL educational event in his or her own institution. (PC1, PBLI 1 IPCS 1, PROF 1) 



  1. Stoller, James K MD, MS, Rose, Mark MD, Lee, Rita MD,  Dolgan Colleen RN, MA, Hoogwerf, Byron J MD Teambuilding and Leadership Training in an Internal Medicine Residency Training Program: a one day retreat . Journal of  General Internal Medicine. 9 JUN 2004. 

The purpose of this report is to describe and evaluate the impact of a 1-day retreat focused on developing leadership skills and teambuilding among postgraduate year 1 residents in an internal medicine residency. (PC1, PBLI 1 IPCS 1, PROF 1)