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Health Literacy Resources



Section Contributor:  Kathleen Swec


Online learning opportunities


  1. American Academy of Pediatrics. Health Literacy and Pediatrics.


American Academy of Pediatrics home page for health literacy resources related to pediatric practice. (PC1, IPCS 1, PROF 1, SBP 2)


  1. CDC. Health Literacy Training for Public Health Professionals.


A web based curriculum for health care professionals that addresses various components of health literacy, including culturally competent care, effective communication, and health disparities linked to inequalities in health information. (PC1, IPCS 1, PROF 1, SBP 2)


  1. Reach Out and Read . Milestones of Early Literacy Development 

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Spanish Version:    


This chart outlines early literacy developmental milestones in infants and children from birth to five years.  It is effective both as a parent handout and as a resident/provider teaching tool.  For more information, please visit (PC1, IPCS 1, PROF 1)





  1. Abrams MA, Klass P, Dreyer BP.  Health Literacy and Children: Introduction. Pediatrics 2009;124;S262.


This article provides a definition of health literacy within a pediatric context and also outlines recent research related to pediatric health literacy.  These research topics include definition and measurement, developmental change, health literacy as a dyadic function, unique health disparities and health outcomes, and targets for intervention. (PC1, IPCS 1, PROF 1, SBP 2)


  1. Abrams MA, Klass P, Dreyer BP.  Pediatrics 2009;124;S327. Health Literacy and Children: Recommendations for Action.


This article provides recommendations for improving health literacy as it relates to pediatric patients and their families.  Recommendations are made within the areas of policy, practice, education and research. (PC1, IPCS 1, PROF 1, SBP 2)