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Family Centered Care 



Section Contributor:  Cyrus Heydarian, MD 




  1. Mittal V, et al. Family-centered rounds on pediatric wards: a PRIS network survey of US and Canadian hospitalistsPediatrics 2010; 126:37-43 


Article examining pediatric hospitalist rounding practices and characteristics associated with programs conducting family-centered rounds (FCRs). (PBLI 1, IPCS 1, SBP 2,3) 


  1. Sisterhen LL, et al. Defining family-centered rounds .Teach Learn Med. 2007; 19(3):31922 


Characteristics of family-centered rounds based on a review of the literature on bedside teaching, family-centered care, and interdisciplinary care. (PBLI 1, IPCS 1, SBP 2,3) 


  1. Rosen et al. Family-centered multidisciplinary rounds enhance the team approach in pediatrics.  Pediatrics 2009; 123: 543-5 



Online Resource 


  1. Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care. 


Online resource with comprehensive overview of additional resources/tools for family- centered care. (PBLI 1, IPCS 1, SBP 2,3)