New Resources - Supplemental Learning: Advocacy




Section Contributor: Elizabeth Hanson, Ben Hoffman, Jonathan Gold 


Online Resources 


  1. Center for Public Policy Priorities. 


Focused on the state of Texas, provides updates on a variety of issues related to health care for the poor.  (SBP 1,2,3) 


  1. Kaiser Family Foundation. 


Provides useful summaries on a variety of health policy issues. (SBP 1,2,3) 


  1. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy People 2020, Topics and Objectives, Social Determinants of Health. 2012. Healthy People 2020, Topics and Objectives, Social Determinants of Health. 2012. 


Excellent website reviewing the concepts around Social determinants of health.  From this site can also link back to the Health people 2020 main page. (SBP 1,2,3) 


  1. World Health Organization. Commission on Social Determinants of Health.  Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity Through Action on the Social Determinants of Health. 2008. 


Report describing the global problem with lack of health equity and strategies to close that gap.  From the website can link to the full report or the executive summary.  (PROF 1, 2; SBP 1,2,3) 


  1. Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health. 


Useful website that allows you to mine data for trends in child health, including topics related to advocacy such as access and insurance.  Includes a special query for children with special health care needs. (PBLI 1, SBP 1,2,3) 


  1. Community Pediatrics Training Initiative, AAP. 


A collection of resources related to advocacy and advocacy education.  Includes links and instructions for CATCH grants, goals and objectives for planning an advocacy curriculum, and an evaluation toolkit that can be used in evaluating advocacy educational activities.  There are also several advocacy training modules that can be downloaded and used with groups of learners.  Finally, you can find descriptions of advocacy programs at different residency training programs.  (PBLI 1, SBP 1,2,3) 


  1. Children's Defense Fund, 


An excellent website with lists of resources, articles, and websites related to child health and advocacy 


f.AAP Community Pediatrics Training Initiative Goals and Objectives Grid 


Provides a consensus-driven gold-standard for goals and objectives in Community Pediatrics and Advocacy training in pediatrics, and includes a tool that allows training directors link activities to ACGME competencies. (ALL MILESTONES) 


g.AAP Legislative advocacy training modules 


5 online modules that provide comprehensive approach to legislative advocacy for pediatricians.  

Type of resource: (e.g. core content, review article, evaluation tool, teaching method, educational theory): Core content- is web-based (ALL MILESTONES) 




Among many other things, publishes the Kids Count Databooka yearly compilation of statistics related to child health in the United States and used by child advocates everywhere. (PBLI 1, SBP 1) 


  1. Multiple authors  Gifford K and Woodhead J, co-editors) 


eCLIPPS is an interactive case-based teaching tool originally designed as an extension of the CLIPP (Computer-Assisted learning in Pediatrics Program) Cases for medical students.  It focuses on medical home principles, cross-cultural communication, navigating the health care system, and family-centered partnership.  Although designed for medical students, these cases work for learners of all levels.  Embedded in the site are a variety of tools that are useful for clinical practice. (PC 1, IPCS 1, PROF 1, SBP 1, 2)