New Resources - Standard Rotations: Inpatient Pediatrics


General Inpatient Pediatrics 


Section Contributors:  Ronen Zipkin, Karen Smith 


Topic Outline:  

  1. Inpatient Bedside Teaching- Ronen Zipkin 

  1. Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning- Karen Smith 

  1. Resident Night Time Curriculum- Ronen Zipkin 

  1. Resident Hand-offs- Ronen Zipkin 

  1. Asthma- Karen Smith 

  1. Community Acquired Pneumonia- Ronen Zipkin 

  1. Evaluation of Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Infancy- Karen Smith 

  1. Urinary Tract Infection Practice Guidelines- Ronen Zipkin 

  1. Cellulitis- Karen Smith 

  1. Child Abuse- Karen Smith 



  1. Inpatient Bedside Teaching  

Ramani S.  Tips for Effective Bedside Clinical Teaching.   MedEdPORTAL 2006. 


Brief description of resource: This resource describes how bedside teaching is one of the most important clinical teaching methods.  It provides teaching strategies for effective teaching and discussions on how to improve on specific challenges facing bedside teachers. (PC1, 4, 5; MK 1; PBL 1,2,4; Prof 1) 


  1. Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning 

Bowen J. Educational - Strategies to Promote Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning. N Engl J Med 2006: 355;21 


Brief description of resource: This article discusses the foundation of clinical diagnostic reasoning and compares novice to expert clinical reasoning.  The use of the illness script is described as an important learning competency for trainees. (PC1, 4, 5; MK 1; PBL 1,2; IPCS 1) 


  1. Resident Night Time Curriculum 

Bhansali P, Skurkis C, Davis A, Gray K, Zalneraitis E.  A Night Team Curriculum for the Inpatient Service. MedEd PORTAL. 


Brief description of resource: Framework for resident night time curriculum.  Areas of focus include clinical reasoning skills, handoff communication and providing feedback. (PC1, 4, 5; MK 1; PBL 1,2,4; IPCS 1; Prof 1) 


  1. Resident Hand-offs 


  1. Shaughnessy E.  Pediatric Resident Sign-out Education MedEd PORTAL 


Brief description of resource: Describes handoff tool called SAFETIPS and evaluation tools for resident training and feedback. (PC1, 4, 5; MK 1; PBL 1,2,4; IPCS 1; Prof 1) 


  1. Starmer AJ, et. Al. Changes in Medical Errors After Implementation of a Handoff ProgramN Engl J Med 2014; 371:1803-1812