New Resources - Standard Rotations: Adolescent Medicine




Topic Outline: 

  1. Eating disorders- Jennifer Christner 

  1. ADHD in the young adult- Jennifer Christner 

  1. Alcohol screening for adolescents- Jennifer Christner 

  1. Adolescent contraception- Karen Teelin 

  1. Guidelines for adolescent depression in primary care- Karen Teelin 

  1. Treatment of acne- Karen Teelin 

  1. Transition to adult care for adolescents with chronic conditions- Karen Teelin, Karen Smith 

  1. Adolescent history and physical- Karen Smith, Karen Teelin 

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections- Karen Teelin 

  1. Motivational Interviewing- Karen Teelin 



  1. Eating Disorders 

 David S. Rosen and the Committee on Adolescence. Identification and Management of Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents. Pediatrics 2010; 126 (6): 1240-1253. 

Brief Description of Resource: This is a clinical AAP report that reviews the identification and management of eating disorders in children and adolescents. It reviews screening tools, history questions, physical examination findings, initial workup and treatment options.  (PC1, 4, 5; MK 1) 


  1. ADHD in the Young Adult 

Antshell KM, Barkley R. Developmental and Behavioral Disorders Grown Up Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 2009; 30 (1): 81-90. 

Brief Description of Resource:  This is a review article that discusses the epidemiology and diagnostic criteria for ADHD in children versus adults. The article also describes how ADHD persists with age and different characteristics present as patients with ADHD age and how their quality of life and functional outcomes are affected.  Management and treatment is also discussed. (PC 4, 5; MK 1) 

  1. Alcohol Screening for Adolescents 

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism - Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Youth: A Practitioners Guide. 

Brief Description of Resource:  This downloadable online resource is a step by step guide that helps the clinician to identify a screening method for alcohol use in adolescents as well as appropriate ways to assist patients and follow up when a concern is identified. In addition, it contains plenty of facts and helpful information on alcohol use in adolescents. (PC 4, 5; MK 1; IPCS 1, 2) 


  1. Contraception 

Hartman, Lauren B, Erica Monasterio, and Loris Y. Hwang. Adolescent Contraception: Review and Guidance for Pediatric Clinicians.  Curr Probl Pediatr Adolesc Health Care, Oct 2012 

Brief description of resource: This is a review article of current contraceptive methods available to adolescents, including information on efficacy, risks, and benefits of each option. Information on emergency contraception and contraception for adolescents with medical complexities is also included. (PC 4, 5; MK 1; IPCS 1, 2) 

  1. Depression 

Cheung, Amy H. and Rachel A. Zuckerbrot, Peter S. Jensen, Kareem Ghalib, Danielle Laraque and Ruth E.K. Stein. Guidelines for Adolescent Depression in Primary Care (GLAD-PC). Pediatrics, 2007; 120;e1313 and e1299: and 

Brief description of resource: Guidelines for identification, assessment, initial management, treatment, and ongoing management for adolescent depression. (PC 1,3, 4, 5;  MK 1; IPCS 1, 2) 

  1. Acne 

Eichenfield, Lawrence et al.