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Sports Medicine 

Section Contributor: Nailah Coleman 

Online Resources 

  1. - The American Academy of Family Physicians, American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Sports Medicine, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, and American Osteopathic Academy of Sports developed the Pre-Participation Exam (PPE) Monograph that provides a detailed description of goals, objectives, timing, setting, and structure of the exam; details the history, physical examination, and clearance considerations; lists return-to-play guidelines; addresses medicolegal and ethical concerns; and explores future research and the use of electronic formats.  (PC1, PC4, PC5, ICS1, P3) 

  1. - The American College of Sports Medicine, in coordination with other national sports organizations, leads a group of team physicians in reviewing medical issues in athletes and athletic care./ These reviews have resulted in the production of an ever-increasing number team physician consensus statements.  (MK1) 

  1. - The AAP reviews medical issues in pediatric athletes and athlete care./ These reviews have resulted in the production of an ever-increasing number of policy statements and clinical reports. (MK1) 

  1. - The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has created an entire website devoted to preventing sports injuries in athletes, including the production of several sport-related provider and patient handouts. (MK1, ICS1) 




  1. Harris SS and Anderson SJ, Ed. Care of the Young Athlete, 2nd ed. 2010One-stop guide to all aspects of childhood sports preparation, participation, and injury treatment. 
    Contents include: 

  1. Assessing physical and emotional readiness for athletic participation 

  1. Effects of training and competition on child development 

  1. Nutrition, weight loss, and performance-enhancing substances 

  1. Athletic participation for physically challenged children 

  1. Evaluation and treatment of both medical and musculoskeletal injuries 

  1. Guidelines for returning to athletics/after injury 

  1. Recommendations for specialty referral 

(PC1, PC4, PC5, SBP1) 

  1. Madden CC, Putukian M, Young CC, McCary EC, Ed.  Netters Sports Medicine.  Saunders, 2010.  A reference designed to help meet the challenges presented by patients in sports medicine. More than 1,000 Netter images, along with photos of physical examination techniques and imaging examples, provide a rich visual understanding, while a bulleted text format, combined with a user-friendly organization by specific types of injuries as well as different types of sports.  Includes information about pre-participation exams, musculoskeletal injuries, sports nutrition, and sports psychology(PC1, PC4, PC5) 

  1. Thompson JC, Ed. Netters Concise Atlas of Orthopaedic Anatomy.  Saunders, 2002.  Reference book of orthopedic anatomy.  

  1. Micheli LJ, Ed. Encylopedia of Sports Medicine.  Sage Publications, 2011.  Reference book that contains more than 550 tables and images, including anatomical drawings, X-rays and MRI scans.  Also offers an in-depth examination of various career opportunities in sports medicine.  (PC1, PC4, PC5, PBLI2) 

  1. Puffer JC, Weiss BD, Ed.  20 Common Problems in Sports Medicine.  McGraw-Hill, NY, 2002.  Reference book that offers practical help with the most common sports-related problems seen by primary care physicians.  (PC4, PC5, MK1)