New Resources - Subspecialty Rotations: Physical Medicine and Rehab


PM&R Resources 

Section Contributor: Rebecca Tenney-Soeiro 

Online learning opportunities 

  1. - This is the homepage for the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP). The Association promotes excellence in education, research, and the practice of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in the academic arena.  The website also contains information about career planning.  (PC, PBLI2) 

  1. - This is the homepage for the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  In addition to many offerings for the field, the site offers residents the opportunity to work through online cases.  The website contains information about career planning and how to engage in research in the field.  (PBLI2, SBP2, SBP3) 

  1. - This website for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality provides links to clinical guidelines and evidence-based medicine recommendations.  (PC4, PC5) 

  1. - This is the homepage for the American Spinal Injury Association and contains e-learning materials including motor and sensory exam guides, an autonomic standards form, and consumer guidelines for spinal cord injury rehabilitation.  (PC1, PC3, PC4, ICS1) 

  1. - This is the homepage for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.    Summaries of clinical practice guidelines and educational materials for what to do after trauma are useful.  (PC4, PC5) 

  1. - Parikh K, Morozova O, Shah N, Anspacher M.  Pediatric Spasticity.  MedEdPORTAL; 2012.  This contains a series of topic-specific learning modules to provide pediatricians with educational materials related to care of the medically complex child with spasticity./ (PC4, PC5, PBLI2) 



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