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Cardiology Resources 

Section Contributor: LaToya Barber 

Online learning opportunities 

  1. - Website managed by the International Academy of Cardiology; provides links to clinical guidelines (PC4, PC5) 

  1. - Website managed by the New England Journal of Medicine; provides links to new articles in the field of cardiology.    Also links to career opportunities in cardiology.  (MK1, PBLI2) 



  1. Freedom RM, Lock JL, Bricker JT.  Pediatric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery 1950-2000.   Circulation. 2000; 102: Iv-58-Iv-68.   

Comprehensive review of advancement of knowledge of pediatric cardiology including diagnosis and treatment.  (PC4, PC5, MK1) 

  1. Evans WN, Acherman RJ, Mayman GA, Rollins RC, Kip KT.  Simplified pediatric electrocardiogram interpretation.  Clinical Pediatrics. 2010; 49(4): 363-72.   

Review and method for quick EKG interpretation.  (PC4, PC5, MK1) 

  1. Dolbec K, Mick NW.  Congenital heart disease.  Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America.  2011; 29(4): 811-27.  Review of congenital heart disease for the general practitioner.  (PC4, PC5, MK1) 

  1. Danford DA.  Clinical and basic laboratory assessment of children for possible congenital heart disease.  Current Opinion in Pediatrics.  2000; 12:487-491.  Overview of important diagnostic and screening tests to be used by the general practitioner.  (PC4, PC5) 

  1. Leroy S, Elixson M, OBrien P, Tong E, Turpin S, Uzark K.  Recommendations for preparing children and adolescents for invasive cardiac procedures: a statement from the American Heart Association pediatric nursing subcommittee of the Council on Cardiovascular Nursing in collaboration with the Council on Cardiovascular Diseases of the Young. Circulation. 2003; 108: 2550-2564.  Clinical guidelines for preparing youth for invasive cardiac procedures.  (PC1, PC5, ICS1, Prof1) 

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