Welcome to the Updated Educational Guidelines Resources


This website acts as a repository for educational resources in conjunction with many of the topics and rotations offered by the APA Educational Guidelines for Pediatrics Residency. In addition to updating the resources whenever possible the resources are linked to the Pediatric Milestones that are to be reported on Semi-annually. The Milestone links are in red font with initials and numbers indicating the Milestone (e.g. PC1=Patient Care Milestone 1.Gather essential and accurate information about the patient). 

This is a "work-in-progress," intended to grow as our colleagues direct us to additional resources. The lists are not intended to be comprehensive. It is our intention to identify accessible and useful resources for educators and learners, who can subsequently pursue more comprehensive resources dictated by their own needs. Many of our users will have expertise in individual disciplines and may wish to suggest additional resources they have identified or others as they become available. 

The Educational Guidelines Resource update has truly been a group effort. Over 100 APA members have contributed updated or helped build new resource lists in 76 topics areas.  There are six APA members who served as Resource Section Editors for each of the three sections of resources: Standard Rotations (Erica Chung, Karen Smith), Subspecialty Rotations (Jennifer DiPace, Brian Lurie) and Supplemental Learning Experiences (Daniel Neuspiel and Caroline Paul).  Mona Hanna-Attisha has uploaded the Resources to the website and serves as technical consultant for this effort.  Joseph Gigante served as the Lead Resource Editor

If you have additional resources you would like to see included or have annotations or comments about those listed please send them to Joseph Gigante at joseph.gigante@vanderbilt.edu. Many thanks to all who contributed to this effort!