APA Educational Scholars Program

The mission of the APA Educational Scholars Program is to assist pediatric educators in developing themselves as productive, advancing and fulfilled faculty members and to increase the quality, status and visibility of pediatric educators in academia.

This program is offered to members of the Academic Pediatric Association who wish to earn a Certificate of Excellence in Educational Scholarship. The curriculum includes didactic sessions, self-directed learning activities, development of an educator portfolio, and a mentored project. Scholars are expected to complete the full curriculum, including projects, over 3-4 years.

Previous scholars have made the following comments about the impact of program participation on their careers:

  • "The Educational Scholars Program has been incredibly valuable to me. I have participated in several faculty development activities over the last 10 years and the ESP stands out as a highlight."

    "The ESP faculty and program leaders are outstanding educators. They are committed to providing a top notch educational and mentoring experience for faculty who are passionate about educational scholarship. I've made many strong professional connections with other scholars in the program which has now developed into an important peer mentoring network for all of us."

    "I believe the ESP was instrumental in providing me the tools to showcase my educational work and contributed significantly to my academic promotion last year."

  • The next cycle of ESP applications will be for the 2019-2022 cohort. The application process will open in the summer of 2018, with an October 2018 deadline.

October 2016 Newsletter Article

APA Newsletter for Educational Scholars Program: Fall 2016
The Educational Scholars Program has just celebrated its 10th year. Our mission is to teach early career pediatric faculty how to develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate educational interventions using a creative, planned and rigorous process. We also aim to provide scholars and faculty a venue for national networking around educational scholarship. On our 10th anniversary, we offer our thanks to the many, many APA members who have contributed to our successes.

In 2017, we are looking forward to the next decade with excitement. After a decade of program implementation and development, we will be undertaking a major reorganization this year. We have decided to simplify the program and reduce the number of scholars. Future recruitment cycles will be every 3 years, instead of 2 out of 3 years, so the next recruitment year will be in 2018. The application website will open on June 1, 2018, and the deadline for completion will be September 1. We will accept 30 scholars in a single cohort, rather than 25 scholars in each of 2 simultaneous cohorts. Hence each cohort of 30 will complete the program as the next cohort begins.

These changes will make the program easier to operate and allow us to focus more faculty effort on individual scholars. We enjoy enthusiastic participation from our ESP graduates, who now make up half of the ESP faculty. In the future we will be expanding faculty participation, even though scholar numbers will be reduced, giving faculty more opportunities for mentoring/advising, teaching and program-related research.

We are discussing a plan to offer consultations to future applicants who are developing project proposals, in order to give new scholars a head start on planning a high quality project with excellent prospects for completion within 3 years of program enrollment. We plan to give ESP-sponsored workshops on educational scholarship at regional APA meetings and at PAS, to create a more fertile ground for educational scholarship across the pediatric academic community. These new activities will provide excellent opportunities for our alumni to undertake new roles.

In this transition year, we are choosing a successor to our founding director, Constance Baldwin, PhD, who will be staying on with the program to help with the transition, and thereafter plans to work on our ESP research agenda. A call for applicants was published in the summer, and interviews are in progress.

We believe that the planned ESP changes will make the program more rewarding for scholars and faculty alike, and we are optimistic that the next decade of the ESP will be as successful as the last.

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