FAQs & Advice for Applicants


August 1Programs will begin accepting applications for fellowship
August-NovemberInterview at fellowship programs
September 26NRMP Match opens
October 1Application period closes (contact individual programs to see if you can still send in your application after this deadline)
October 24Rank order list opens
November 28Match list due to NRMP at 9:00 PM EST
December 12MATCH DAY - find out to which program you matched at 12:00 PM EST

Refer to this website and the NRMP website for additional details and information as they become available. Please remember that you will still need to apply to each program individually prior to the match- even if using the common application. Please contact each program for application specifics.

FAQs About Programs:

  • Length of program? Some are 2 years, many are 3.
  • How many fellows do they take?
  • How long has the program been around?
  • Is there the possibility or requirement of an advanced degrees? Further specialized training in a particular domain?
  • How much clinical time are you expected to do? Inpatient, outpatient or both?
  • What are the common areas of focus of the program (i.e. vaccines, obesity, etc)
  • How much time will I have to conduct research and/or other scholarly pursuits?

To obtain answers for any of the above questions, click here. You may also visit the programs website and contact the program leadership for any changes that may have occurred in these answers since the document was created.

Additional questions might relate to:

  • What is the curriculum regarding: education, quality improvement, research, leadership, and advocacy?
  • Will I have the opportunity to teach medical students and residents?
  • Will I take call?
  • Is there a formal mentorship program? If not, how to current fellows identify their mentors?
  • What activities are current members in the division participating in? Are there faculty members who have similar interests to you who could be potential mentors?
  • What projects are current and graduating fellows involved in?
  • Where are graduating fellows currently working and what are they doing?

The Pediatric Hospital Medicine website has excellent "Advice for Applicants" that also pertains to Academic General Pediatric fellowships and can be found at: http://phmfellows.org/applicants/advice-for-applicants/




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