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Burnout for Hospitalists: Keeping the Candle Burning (All Night Long)

Primary Leader:
Allison Ballantine


Objective 1:
Integrate an understanding of the risks and causes of burnout into program development at home institution

Objective 2:
Recognize signs and symptoms of burnout in direct reports or peers, and develop a plan for intervention

Objective 3:

Most hospitalists have contemplated professional burnout, their own or other's, at some point during their careers. But, for many, it is similar to tensions in the Middle East  a bad thing that is difficult to understand and even harder to do anything about. But new insights and learning developed through the study of what makes for a satisfying and meaningful professional life offer a fresh perspective on burnout and dissatisfaction. This interactive session is designed to integrate recent research, learning from fields outside of medicine, the facilitators own experience as a leader, and the experience of participants, to formulate some concrete strategies to help participants navigate this complex issue at their home institution. As most participants will have encountered burnout in one form or another, there will be an emphasis on integration of research and learning with their own experience in order to create a meaningful, and enduring framework for addressing this difficult challenge.