PHM Focus

Schedule at a Glance

Writing and Publishing Quality Improvement

Primary Leader:
Patrick Brady

Michele Saysana
Christine White
Mark Shen

Objective 1:
To describe resources, such as the SQUIRE guidelines, that assist investigators in designing, executing, and sharing QI.

Objective 2:
To apply these guidelines in critiquing, improving, and sharing a section of a draft QI paper provided to each table.

Objective 3:
To discuss which journals of interest to pediatricians commonly publish QI and to apply advice from journal editors.

Improving healthcare at the pace demanded requires many local improvement projects and the dissemination of the methodology and results of these projects in the literature. Most improvement projects, however, are not shared, leaving improvers with a small body of literature to review in terms of how to improve care despite substantial prior work. The SQUIRE guidelines are a tool to standardize the reporting of QI, and each year more journals actively solicit QI reports. In this workshop, we will discuss the guidelines with focus on areas where writing about QI differs from traditional research such as the importance of context and properly collecting and describing data. During the largest section of this workshop, attendees will work in small groups to critique and report out on one section of a QI paper provided by facilitators. We will also discuss some lessons learned from a QI project design standpoint and present target journals that publish QI with advice from journal editors.