PHM Focus

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Effective Co-Management in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Version 2.0

Primary Leader:
Sarah Denniston

David Pressel
David Rappaport
Elisabeth Villavicencio
Rebecca Rosenberg

Objective 1:
Recall the Society of Hospital Medicine's Five Keys to Success for co-management

Objective 2:
Identify metrics in a co-management program to measure performance

Objective 3:
Develop a quality improvement project to demonstrate value of a co-management program

The co-management of patients by hospitalists and surgeons or subspecialists is becoming an increasingly common service model in pediatric hospital medicine. There is tremendous potential for pediatric hospitalists to improve quality of care and safety in a co-management model. However, implementing an effective co-management program and demonstrating its value can be challenging. Building on the success of our PHM 2014 workshop Effective Co-Management in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, this workshop will discuss structured implementation of a co-management program and strategies to re-evaluate program performance within specific time frames. The workshop will focus on measuring performance to demonstrate the impact and value of a co-management program. Small facilitated groups will be assigned one metric (length of stay, patient/nurse satisfaction, hospital readmission rates, patient handoff communication, etc.) and will be asked to design a quality improvement project to track this metric. The workshop will conclude with groups sharing plans for QI projects that can be brought back to home institutions.