PHM Focus

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Translating Solutions for Patient Safety into Community Hospitals

Primary Leader:
Jack Percelay

Jeff Simmons
Mchelle Saysana
Jeff Brown
Erin Fisher
Anupama Subramony

Objective 1:
Describe current SPS bundles and reporting structures used in children's hospitals

Objective 2:
Discuss unique community hospital considerations and obstacles to utilizing SPS bundles and reporting structure in community hospitals.

Objective 3:
Realize the value of a community hospitalist patient safety collaborative.

The Solutions for Patient Safety Network Hospitals are committed to eliminating harm in Childrens Hospitals, but what about community hospitals where ~ 50% of hospitalized children are admitted? The Networks dramatic success to date was highlighted in a 2014 PHM Plenary Session. While SPS publicly shares its recommendations (available at, it is just beginning to explore how to reach out to community hospitals. This session will initiate shameless imitation of SPS successes and begin the process of translating lessons learned in childrens hospitals to community hospitals. We will review updates in SPS activities since 2014, discuss the data collection and monitoring procedures used by Network hospitals, and analyze selected SPS goals for their applicability to community hospitals, identify likely obstacles, and discuss potential mitigating adjustments. This represents an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an important, on-going project that will enhance collaboration among childrens hospitals and community hospitals, significantly improve the care of children, and provide career growth as well.