PHM Focus

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PHM Division Chief Group Therapy

Primary Leader:
Jack Percelay

Samir Shah
Elisabeth Schainker
Chris Maloney
Brian Pate

Objective 1:
" Review PHM Division Chief approaches to job descriptions and percent FTE allocation, definition of mission and goals, mentorship, establishment of a research infrastructure, and interactions with other institutional leaders.

Objective 2:
" Realize the value of regular PHM Division Chief interactions to advance both individual careers and the field as a whole

Objective 3:
" Create a working group to develop an on-going structured format for regular discussion of focused topics among PHM Division Chiefs

This interactive session specifically targets current PHM Division leaders and Division Chief wannabes addresses administrative and leadership issues specific to PHM Division Chiefs such as: % FTE calculations, including the % administrative FTE is required for a division chief to be successful, division of administrative responsibilities among the group, and scheduling (focused) group meetings and individual mentoring sessions. Experienced program leaders from a wide range of settings will address questions in the following areas: division mission, vision and structure; job descriptions and FTE allocation; mentorship; development and maintenance of (non-) funded research activities; and relationships with other division chiefs, the Department Chair, and non-physician leadership. Active Q&A will provide an opportunity for presenters and audience members alike to share lessons learned and current concerns. At the conclusion of the session, participants will be invited to continue this dialogue by creating a monthly conference call to support development of both PHM Divisions as a whole and individual careers.