PHM Focus

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Teaching and Supervising a PHM Fellow: The Transition from Learner to Instructor

Primary Leader:
Sarah Denniston

Jennifer Maniscalco
Rebecca Blankenburg
Caroline Rassbach
Elizabeth Davis
Jayne Truckenbrod
Anna Gay
Jody Lin
Victoria Ward

Objective 1:
Identify unique educational challenges in PHM fellowship programs

Objective 2:
Apply evidence-based approaches to teaching, supervising, and evaluating residents to PHM fellows

Objective 3:
Develop new or adapted strategies to support autonomy in PHM fellows

As the field of Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) matures, more residents planning a career in hospital medicine are pursuing fellowship training. PHM fellowship programs have unique educational challenges. This interactive workshop will explore some of these challenges and focus on how to create a balance between supervision and autonomy for the PHM fellow. Following a brief introduction, facilitated small groups will share current roles of PHM fellows at their home institutions, as well as techniques used to teach and promote the autonomy of their PHM fellows. A brief didactic will review current evidence-based approaches to effective teaching and supervision of senior residents and fellow-level trainees. The small groups will brainstorm new ways to address common educational challenges during fellowship training, such as defining and supporting the role of the PHM fellow on rounds. This workshop will enhance curriculum development at individual institutions and contribute to national standardization of a PHM fellow curriculum.