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A Path to Successful Pathway Development

Primary Leader:
Ryan Bode

Richard Engel
Christine Skurkis
Anand Sekaran
Ilana Waynik
Catherine Sullivan

Objective 1:
Develop a process for successful clinical pathway development with attention to pathway implementation and evaluation, compliance, outcomes, reinforcement and sustainability

Objective 2:
Adapt other institutions' implemented clinical pathways for local institution use

Objective 3:
Link the importance of clinical pathways to the transition from volume to value based healthcare

What is a clinical pathway? How is it different from a practice guideline, protocol, or evidence based medicine? Do pathways improve patient outcomes? Is there a best process for pathway development? Can I learn from others who have developed pathways  barriers, pitfalls, and lessons learned? What is the best way to update, reinforce and sustain pathway compliance? Have you asked been asked to contribute to or help develop a clinical pathway? This workshop will focus on the pathway to successful pathway development including: " Defining a clinical pathway and its related terms: clinical practice guideline, evidence based medicine, protocol, algorithm, order set " Attention to barriers, pitfalls, lessons learned and success stories for each step of pathway development " Implementation of pathway: obtaining buy-in, maintaining compliance, selecting and tracking outcomes, reinforcement and sustainability " Review and critique of multiple institutions pathways and sharing of developed pathways for adaptation at your local institution