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A Cut Above the Rest - Developing a Circumcision Service

Primary Leader:
John Schmidt

Kavita Warrier
Jim Azim
Jennifer Vredeveld
D'Anna Saul
Maria Skoczylas
Amy Hepper

Objective 1:
1. State the indications and contraindications of the circumcision procedure

Objective 2:
2. Identify potential benefits and barriers of implementing a circumcision service and potential solutions

Objective 3:
3. Practice using the GOMCO clamp technique on a circumcision simulation model

There is significant amount of variation in the practice of male circumcisions across the country: in techniques used, procedural pain management, and in what physician groups perform them, both between facilities and even within the same one. Male circumcisions can be a significant source of revenue for a clinical practice but may have barriers both political and practical to being effectively incorporated into current workflows. In this workshop, members of the C.S. Mott Childrens Hospital Pediatric Hospitalist Service at University of Michigan will share their experience in creating a successful male circumcision service. The session will include a brief introduction to the history of male circumcision, the indications/contraindications for the procedure, current recommendations, and different techniques. Financial benefits of incorporating a male circumcision service into your clinical practice will be presented and practical suggestions given as to how it can be efficiently incorporated into your current workflow. The session concludes with the participants being able to practice on a GOMCO clamp circumcision simulator.