PHM Focus

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Utilizing a Blended Learning Approach with Simulation and E-Learning to Target Pediatric Developmental Milestones Across the Continuum of Medical Education

Primary Leader:
Michelle McGarry-Hansen

Gabrina Dixon
Aisha Davis
Jayne Truckenbrod
Valerie Jurgens
Elena Aragona
Mary Ottolini

Objective 1:
1. Recognize the progressive developmental milestones from undergraduate and graduate medical education, and faculty level training for skill competencies, communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Objective 2:
2. Apply the Entrustable Professional Activities, the Pediatric Milestones, and the Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine Core Competencies in developing objectives for simulation scenarios for medical students, residents, and faculty

Objective 3:
3. Explore and apply blended learning techniques with simulation and E-learning to promote self-directed and team learning, allowing deliberate practice within an interactive, experiential curriculum

Learners across the medical continuum benefit from active learning in simulated case scenarios that target their unique needs. This workshop utilizes competencies, entrustable professional activities, and milestones in designing a blended learning simulation curriculum for medical students, pediatric residents, fellows, and faculty. Participants will watch video clips emphasizing specific needs of learners at different stages in training. They will rotate through each of 4 stations, with 3 stations focused on developing simulations and pre and post work self-assessments to address specific milestones/EPA for each stage of training, using handouts, video clips, and participant shared experiences. We will provide sample simulation curricula for each developmental group. A fourth station will describe successful simulation debriefing techniques and the role of allied health providers in enhancing trainees skills. Since medical simulation is now an integral part of medical education and patient safety, it is imperative to focus training specifically for each formative stage, enabling learners to enhance their skills longitudinally.