PHM Focus

Schedule at a Glance

Beyond Keep Everything: Organizing Yourself for Promotion

Primary Leader:
Kristin Shadman

Lisa Moscoso
James O'Callaghan
Jennifer O'Toole

Objective 1:
Identify the typical elements of a promotion dossier

Objective 2:
Give an example of a tool for documenting scholarly work and other elements necessary for a promotion dossier

Objective 3:
Develop proactive organization strategies for preparing a successful promotion dossier

One of the most common pieces of advice given to new faculty in preparation for promotion is to "keep everything." This advice is well intentioned, yet it is not specific enough to be helpful. Faculty often spend hours pulling together the necessary elements or worse, discover that they have not saved necessary materials. In this workshop, we will review a systematic approach to organizing oneself for promotion that can mitigate these problems. We will review typical elements necessary for a promotion dossier and approaches to obtaining high quality "evidence" of scholarship and teaching. Small groups based upon primary area for promotion will review sample promotion dossiers. We will share a tool to organize the various components of a promotion dossier and individuals will begin organizing their scholarly activities. We will discuss strategies that participants have found useful to maintaining organization with opportunity to refine their own strategy for organization based upon the ideas generated in the workshop.