PHM Focus

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Beyond Little League- Professional Coaching for Career Success

Primary Leader:
Nancy Spector

Karen Wilson

Objective 1:
List the differences between coaching, advising, sponsoring, and mentoring

Objective 2:
Describe how coaches are trained and certified

Objective 3:
Detail different styles of coaching, and why you would choose one over the other

Professional coaches can provide expert help to medical professionals in overcoming obstacles personally or professional, advancing leadership skills, or in working through tough decisions about career paths. Coaches are a great adjunct to the more traditional academic advisors and mentors, but they provide a different focus for solving problems. We will help the audience understand the differences between coaches, advisors, and mentors and to learn how coaches are trained and certified. We will talk about when someone would choose a coach over an advisor or a mentor. We will discuss the different styles of coaching, and when different types of coaches would be helpful, as we as what to expect from a coach. Finally, we will talk about how to find a coach, and how to decide if the coach is suited to their situation. The presenters are experienced with the coaching process, and have also done extensive mentoring in their roles.