PHM Focus

Schedule at a Glance

Staying Alive: Developing Strategies for Achieving Life-Work Equilibrium

Primary Leader:
Christine Hrach

Jennifer O'Toole
Kristin Shadman
Michelle Kelly

Objective 1:
1. Achieve personal insight on current barriers to life-work equilibrium.

Objective 2:
2. Recognize the importance of asking for what you need.

Objective 3:
3. Apply successful communication strategies to negotiate for solutions to life-work equilibrium issues.

Bring your life/work quandary and come prepared to problem-solve! This interactive workshop will equip participants with tools to achieve a better balance between the pull of their careers and the other myriad priorities of their lives. Participants will discuss barriers to life-work harmony and brainstorm creative solutions together. Highlighting the importance of Asking, presenters will discuss research on gender differences in approaches to negotiation. High-yield negotiation strategies and skills will then be presented. Participants will have the opportunity to practice these skills in a low-stakes environment, by applying them via role play to a realistic scenario. Peers & facilitators will provide feedback. Participants will commit to apply one new skill to an upcoming negotiation by the end of the workshop. The workshop is designed to be highly interactive, with the majority of the time devoted to exercises requiring active learner participation.